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Top 5 Tips For Helping Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

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It can be so hard to get your toddler to brush their teeth. Half of the time they just refuse and then the other times they want to do it by themselves and you just know they aren't doing it properly. Its all about balance. About them feeling big enough to brush by themselves but then you also helping them out until they can do it well enough.

So here are my top five tips and tricks for encouraging a toddler to brush their teeth.

1. Let them pick their own toothbrush out - They are more likely to use a toothbrush with their favourite character on. It doesn't matter if you don't like it, if they do they are more likely to want to use it.

2. Brush your teeth with them - If your child sees you brushing your teeth they might be more likely to copy you because they want to be big like mummy/daddy. I always try to brush my teeth with the kids each day.

3. Make it routine - If brushing teeth is part of everyday routine children will learn and understand it's just something they have to do, like getting dressed or having a bath.

4. Start them young - As soon as that first little tooth pops through start brushing it. This usually happens around 6 months but not always. If they grow up knowing that they always brush their teeth they won't see reason to not do it.

5. Sing or make a little game out of brushing teeth - This just makes it a little more fun for them, maybe try doing a silly dance too. You also want to give them lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement.

We are quite lucky that with these little tips and tricks we've never had much problem with Paige or Parker. They both really enjoy brushing their teeth. Some days they are more willing than others but that's ok. Each day we brush their teeth morning and night, I will brush them first and then they will have a little go while I do mine.

It's so important to look after yours and yours children teeth. For more information why not check out The Centre For Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire.  

Have you got any tips or tricks for helping little ones to brush their teeth?

Nicola Xx

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