Monday, 31 October 2016

Me and Mine - October

Could this be our last month as a four? Hopefully! Baby girl is due in a few weeks and I really hope she doesn't keep us waiting until December.

This month has flown by, just like every other. We've had half term and to be honest have just enjoyed each other. I find myself trying to soak up every family moment we have. I know that in a few short weeks there will be a new addition, and as excited I am it will be sad to lose us as a four. Its all we've known for the last 2 years, almost 2 and a half years.

Me and Mark are so excited to welcome our baby girl into the family and the kids can't wait to meet her but November is set to a big month full of changes and that's a little scary. November also sees me and Mark celebrating our third wedding anniversary, maybe baby girl will decide for that to also be her birthday, who knows.

This months pictures is a rubbish iphone selfie, not everyone is looking and the lighting is rubbish but it reminds me of us four, just hanging out together and enjoying each other. Playing games, pulling faces and acting silly.
Nicola Xx
The Me and Mine Project

Friday, 28 October 2016

COMPETITION - Teletubbies Tubby Snowball DVD

Do you have a Teletubbies fan in your house? We do! Parker loves watching the programme and even sleeps with a little Po teddy.

With Christmas just around the corner a dvd filled with six new episodes would be the perfect stocking filler. Watch Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po as they find big snowballs and even build a snowman. Available from Amazon or enter the competition below for your chance to win one of THREE copies!!!

To enter simply fill out the rafflecopter form below.

Terms and conditions
1) UK only
2) There will be 3 winners
3) Prizes supplied by PR company
4) Incomplete entries will be disqualified
5) Competition ends 11th November

Good luck!

Nicola Xx

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Christmas Jumpers from Matalan

Christmas is just around the corner. This year I am trying to be as organised as possible as baby girl will only be around a month old on Christmas day.

Each year I try to find matching Christmas pjs for us all but with the sizes we need it can be either really hard or expensive. So this year my thoughts turned to Christmas jumpers! Matalan have a great selection and although we won't be matching we will all look super festive. The jumpers are also really well priced. It can get expensive when you need 4 or 5.

First up we have the grown up jumpers. Mark isn't too fond of anything too fussy so this jumper is perfect for him, red with a little Christmas touch. As for me I went for the black with the pompom Christmas tree. I thought that at a month post partum this would be a safe option plus the little tree is super colourful and fun!

I love the kids jumpers. Paige and baby girl both have penguin jumpers. Paige's even lights up which she adores! Parkers has a little reindeer and when you press the nose it plays music, which of course he loves.

All the jumpers are super nice quality and I can't wait to see us all wearing them!

Do you buy Christmas jumpers?

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Underfloor Heating - Better Than Radiators

The cold weather is approaching. I feel like I need to be wrapped up in jumpers and slippers with the heating on now. I always feel the cold, a lot more than Mark and Paige. With a baby due in a matter of weeks we need the house to be nice and warm for them and of course for Paige and Parker.

We have central heating like most people and a fire. We never really use the fire, we just don't really feel the need to be honest. The central heating tends to come on at specific times throughout the day.

The coldest part of our house has to be the kitchen. It has laminate flooring, a window and door leading to the back garden plus it doesn't have a radiator. It isn't a huge problem as it is open plan with our living room so gets heat from there but its quite a big space to keep warm.

We've thought about adding underfloor heating to help but have never really known where to start. It feels like a very luxurious thing and we would love to have it in the kitchen. I think it would be amazing to step onto a usually cold laminate floor and instead feel the warmth. It sounds like hard work to install underfloor heating but you can buy underfloor heating kits here. They have everything you need!
Underfloor heating is actually proven to heat a room better than a radiator which could save you money in the long term. Sounds like a huge bonus t me.
Have you ever thought about underfloor heating? Any hints or tips for us?
Nicola Xx
*Collaboration Post - All words are my own*

Mummy and Me - October

Another month has passed by so quickly. This will almost certainly be my last mummy and me with only two children. If all goes to plan baby girl should be here by the next one.

Its strange thinking just how soon things will change. I will soon be mummy to three children, more children than hands I've got! I have no idea how I will manage but only time will tell! I am excited and a little nervous. I can't wait for baby girl to be here but I will miss this bump once its gone. Its funny how attached you get, even with my hyperemesis. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for he bump to disappear, this may well by my last pregnancy so I want to soak up every second!

These pictures were taken at the beginning of the month and naughty me forgot to take anymore. We had a lovely afternoon at the park and were sat eating ice creams. Paige kept making me and Parker laugh and pulling faces at her lolly, which I ended up eating as she decided half way that she didn't like it.

I can't wait to see next months pictures, with hopefully all three of my babies in!!

Nicola Xx

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Starting School - The First Half Term

Paige is currently on half term from school, I can't believe just how quickly it has come around. It was really needed as she was starting to get so tired. The teachers have mentioned that by Christmas they are even more tired!

She has done so well with her first half term. She has settled in really well and loves it. We had parents evening just before they broke up for the holidays and both her teachers had nothing but lovely things to say. Paige is a joy to have in class and loves learning. She is doing really well with reading and writing. Her maths is above where it should be for her age. The only concern they had was her speech. In the words of her teachers she is a very bright girl and they'd hate for her speech to hold her back in progressing. So they suggested speech therapy. Both me and Mark sort of looked at each other when they said this as we fist mentioned at her 2 year check up about speech therapy and were told it would improve in time. We then questioned nursery but again they didn't seem bothered. I'm glad that school have picked up on it and suggested some extra help, I just wish that me and Mark had self referred her 2 years ago, but we were always told that everything was fine. It isn't that she doesn't talk or can't, it's just the pronouncing of some sounds and letters. Hopefully after half term we should hear from a speech therapist and that can begin.
It was so lovely to see pictures of her in school and to look at some of work.

She has made loads of friends and had loads of party invites (a few more than I was expecting to be honest).

I still can't quite believe that she is in school. We are so proud of her and the way she has settled in. I hope she continues to do well and love school. We are now going to enjoy these holidays together as by the next ones there will be a new little addition. Parker is still in nursery 3 times this week so I can't wait for some mummy and Paige time.

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

35 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3


This week baby girls skeletal development is almost complete. Most babies will now be head down and dropping into the pelvis. She is mostly just growing bigger and stronger now. The lungs are continuing to develop. She will be around 18-19 inches long and 5-6lbs.

Its funny that this week states that baby girl might be dropping down into my pelvis as I feel like my bump has dropped a little. I've even had a few people comment on it. Kind of scary as they say they usually doesn't happen so soon with second and third pregnancies. Parker dropped and was low around the same time and he came 11 days early!
I'm starting to get tired now. Looking after two children and being pregnant is hard work.  
I've had yet more nausea and heartburn this week. I can't wait to not feel sick anymore.
I also finally had my flu jab this week.
Movements are so sore this week, she is getting so big!

Waist - 30 inch, a whole inch smaller than last week. She has dropped!
Belly - 39 inch, 1 and a half inches on last week.

Nicola Xx

Friday, 21 October 2016

Blogging/Planning Space - October 2016

I wanted to do a little updated look at my blogging and planning area. The last post I wrote on my updated bedroom/office makeover was back in June last year and a lot has changed since then.

My planner collection has grown... A LOT! As have my stationery items. I love the space even more than I first did. Its just for me. My happy place.

I must admit I don't really blog here a lot. I much prefer sitting on the sofa with my laptop, not the best thing to do but oh well. I mainly use the space to store my things, plan and put together my etsy orders for my shop. But if I ever need a desk its there!

I love having this space just for me. When you become a mum it can be easy to lose yourself and become so wrapped up in your children than you forget that sometimes it's good to do something you love doing, something that makes you happy and feel like yourself rather than like a mum. Of course I love my children more than anything in the world but it's important to look after yourself and do something for yourself every now and again.

Since these pictures were taken my space has actually changed again. I decided to move out of my ring planners and sell quite a few of them. I now use a travellers notebook and I am really enjoying it, more of that another day!
I still have my etsy shop Pink Planner Girl if you fancy a little look!
What do you do for mummy time?
Nicola Xx
PS: Did you spot my (normally) hidden chocolate bar? Hehe!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

This is What Women Can Do to Avoid Incontinence in Later Life

Worried about incontinence? Assume it is a fact of life as we age? Think again!

Incontinence is not inevitable with age

There are many things that come with age – wisdom, for example - but incontinence does not have to be one of them.

For a long time, the assumption about urinary incontinence was that it was irreversible, the signal of a slow decline. The use women’s incontinence pads was inevitable and also irreversible. 
And women were more susceptible it as a result of pregnancy and birth, as well as many other gynaecological issues. 

Incontinence can be managed, with the right treatment and help, it can also be reversed. What can be done to avoid incontinence later in life? Here are five great tips…

#1 Exercise the pelvic floor muscles

The muscle that helps us control when we urinate is the pelvic floor muscle. It is quite unique and different to other muscles in the body because it traverses across the body. It starts at the top of the pubic bone, crossing the body to the base of the spine. It acts like a floor to your bladder and bowel.

Because of its shapes and location, it is a muscle that is not is not always specifically targeted during workouts and fitness regimes. This is why as we get older, we need to make sure we do exercise this muscle, keeping it taut. 

A strong pelvic floor means we can control our bladders, and the urge to urinate much better. If you are incontinent, pelvic floors muscles will make a big difference to how well you can control your bladder, and could stop your incontinence completely. 

Pelvic floor exercises are easy ‘clench and release’ ones; they are done several times a day and there is no need to buy expensive equipment or take out a gym membership. 

And there is another upside to a strong pelvic floor muscle – it can make sex far more pleasurable too. 

#2 Watch your weight

There are many factors that affect urinary incontinence, and being overweight is one of them.
Carrying extra body fat places stress on the body and in some cases, when you carry weight on your abdomen, it places extra pressure and weight on the pelvic floor muscle too. 

Losing excess weight and keeping it off can make a difference to some types of urinary incontinence. 

#3 Eat well

You may notice that some days or nights, your incontinence is worse. There could be a simple explanation for this: it could be what you are eating or drinking. 

There are certain food and drink triggers and so keeping a diary of what you eat can help to detect if there is something making your incontinence worse. For example, acidic foods such as lemons or tomatoes can irritate the bladder, making incontinence worse. 

Fruit juice at breakfast you may think is healthy for you, after all a glass of fruit juice can be one portion of your ‘5 a day’ but it could also be the very thing irritating your bladder.

#4 Stay fit and active

Staying as fit as possible is also an important part of keeping incontinence at bay, along with a whole host of other complaints. 

Many people assume that when they reach a certain age, they should top exercising or that some exercise regimes are bad for them. Staying fit and healthy in older age is just as important as in our youth but if you plan on starting a new exercise regime, it may be wise to check with a health professional first. 

If you are worried about embarrassing accidents when you exercise, there are all kinds of incontinence products that help you manage any accidental leaks of urine. 

#5 Seek medical help

Did you know, that on average, women are incontinence for seven years before they seek medical help?

This is because many people are embarrassed to admit they are incontinent but they also assume that there is nothing that can be done. 

Your GP has many options, from keeping a food and drink diary, to referring to a continence advisor. There are also some medications that can help with incontinence. They will also encourage you to improve your pelvic floor muscle. 

Not something you have to accept!

Incontinence is not inevitable, it is not something you need to learn to live with and it is not something you should to be embarrassed to seek medical help about. 

Urinary incontinence can be the sign of a urinary tract infection or a short term result of another medical condition or medication – it doesn’t mean that incontinence is now a feature of your old age!

HARTMANN Direct have a growing range of incontinence pads and pants designed specifically for women. Available in a range of absorbencies, they offer discreet support for anyone managing incontinence. 

*guest post*

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

34 Week Midwife Appointment - Baby #3

I recently had my 34 week midwife appointment and was very eager to find out if baby girl was now head down. The good news is that she is!!! I thought she was as I started to feel her hiccups in a different place. I am so glad she is no longer transverse and I hope she stays head down now.

Thankfully movements are good so we didn't have any worries there unlike last time. I still didn't get to listen to the heartbeat, I really wish she would listen :( I also found out that this will be the last time I see this midwife as she is having time off and won't be back until way after I deliver. This makes me a little bit sad as I think it's nice to build up that relationship with one midwife but I guess it doesn't matter as there was no way she would be delivering baby girl anyway.

My blood pressure, wee and everything else was fine. I'm still measuring 2 weeks behind but she said not to worry. She also predicted that baby girl will weigh around 7lb 10oz if she arrives on or close to her due date. I'm so excited to see how much she weighs and when she arrives!

My next appointment is at 37 weeks and then we will go through my birth plan.

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

34 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby girl is measuring around 18 inches and weighing in at 5lbs. Her lung, brain and central nervous system are rapidly developing. Vernix is covering her body and she is weeing up to 1 pint a day.

I feel like my symptoms are pretty consistent now as I enter the final few weeks. I'm generally feeling ok, the HG is still there and I felt sick on occasion this week. The tiredness is starting to creep in at the end of the week. I feel myself wishing Fridays away so that I can rest a little on a weekend. I'm getting more and more Braxton hicks every week, I guess my body is starting to prepare itself for labour. I'm feeling more pressure so I knew baby girl moved from transverse to head down, more about that in my 34 week midwife appointment update. I'm also a lot more hungry this week. Kind of makes sense with how much weight baby girl is meant to be gaining, around half a pound a week. I still don't really fancy eating or have any cravings, thanks HG!

Waist - 31 inch, 1 and a half inches up from last week.. Wow she must be growing! Change in position could also be the reason as she is no longer transvers and is head down.
Belly - 37.5 inches, half an inch on last week.

Nicola Xx 

Monday, 17 October 2016

DIY Materniy Pictures - 33 Weeks

Yes, more maternity pictures. I'm quite enjoying taking some every few weeks and seeing how my bump is growing and changing. Check out my ones from week 29.  I really wanted to take some pictures wearing my Tiffany Rose dress as it is absolutely gorgeous. At 20 weeks I tried the silhouette pictures I'd seen all over Pinterest. I tried on my phone and thought they turned out ok but I knew I wanted to have another go when I was bigger and using my camera.

So that's what I did!

I took them by myself while the children were at nursery and school. I'd still love some professional ones taking but I honestly don't think that will happen. I'm hoping that Mark will offer to take some for me around 35/36 weeks but for now I love the ones I managed to capture.

Which is your favourite? I love the silhouette ones and Mark actually wants to get one printed and blown up a little!

Nicola Xx

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Siblings - October

Just before I sat down to write this post something occurred to me... this could be my last sibling post with just Paige and Parker. If baby girl decides to come early then she may make it into next months post. That's kind of crazy and kind of scary!

I'm not sure I'm ready.

I'm not sure the kids are ready.

This month has flown by once again and I know for definite that if baby girl doesn't come early and arrives nearer to her due date then this time next month I will be VERY pregnant! We've had more school and nursery this month. Half term is coming up and I think Paige needs it. She is getting so tired, bless her. Parker won't actually be off for half term but he only does half days anyway.

There relationship this month is as wonderful as always to watch. They love sharing a room together and love playing together still. If they wake early they will stay in their room and just play together, usually they read books. They are getting on so well and miss each other so much. We have regular kisses and cuddles in a morning and before bed.

They both just seem so grown up now, I'm not sure its that's apart of them starting school and nursery and having that independence from us or if it's because I'm realising that soon there will be another little addition. Maybe a bit of both!

I can not wait to see them with their little sister but it will be a little sad that they won't be a twosome anymore. I am going to try my best this coming month to take some proper pictures on my camera of them both before baby girl arrives.

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project

Friday, 14 October 2016

Competition - aden by aden + anais

Today I have a really exciting competition for you all. I've teamed up with aden by aden + anais to offer two lucky readers of mine some lovely items from their Disney Baby collection.

There will be two winners, one will receive a set of Mickey Mouse Musy Squares and a hooded towel and the other winner will receive the same set but in the Minnie Mouse design.

We were recently sent the Minnie Mouse set for baby girl and can't wait to try them out when she arrives. We love aden + anais swaddles with Parker and I'm sure we will love the aden range just as much. The aden by aden + anais Disney Baby collection is available exclusively at Babies R Us and Amazon UK.

How to enter:
Fill out the raffle copter form below.
Terms and conditions;
1. There will be two winners. One for the girl set and one for the boy set.
2. PR will supply the girl winner with their set and I will supply the boy winner.
3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
4. Competition ends 28th October.

Good luck!

Nicola Xx

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Baby Buys #3

Another lot of baby buys. The weeks are flying by. You can check out my first and second post to see what else we've got for baby girl so far.

I wanted to try focusing on some clothes and essentials as that's the main part of what baby girl needs now. I popped into Primark and they had some lovely stuff in all the kids sections. I got some items for Paige and Parker too. For baby girl I got this adorable dress, I just couldn't resist. I figure that she will be able to wear it around Christmas/new year time. It may be a little big but will be fine. It was only £8 and is gorgeous.

I'm going to pair that dress with this little cardigan and some tights as it will be winter. The cardigan is 100% cotton and was £4.50. I still need to buy some tights!

Paige picked up the next little set. A cute top, leggings and hair band. She insisted we get it. It was only £5 which is great for what is essentially a full outfit.

Last up from Primark were these long sleeves body suits. For three it's less than £3! I just got plain white as they will be used mainly underneath other items so don't need anything fancy. I want to go back and pick up more sizes too!

 We were very kindly sent the Melobaby nappy wallet and changing bag to review. I can't wait to use them and let you all know what I think. Look out for a review!

Some baby essentials now. First up... wipes. We use loads of wipes already so when baby girl comes we will just use even more. I love the Huggies Pure ones. They are made with natural, absorbent fibres that gently clean and protect delicate skin. They are made with 99% pure water and are free from nasties such as alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parabens.

Some more baby essentials. Nappies and nappy bags. We've stocked up on Mamia newborn nappies and nappy sacks. With two in nappies we will be using a lot of nappy sacks. I love using Aldi items, super great quality and great prices. We've never had an issue with leaking so hopefully baby girl likes them too!

Finishing on an essential too is Sudocrem. Babies tend to get nappy rash. Sometimes a lot and sometimes very rarely. I think it depends on the products you use and your babies skin. Both Paige and Parker have always had nappy rash when they are teething. There's just something about teething that irritates their skin a little more than normal. We are very lucky that we haven't had to deal with really bad nappy rash but applying a cream like Sudocrem Care & Protect gives your baby that extra little bit of protection during every nappy change.

We still need more clothes, a changing mat and plat mat so look out for the next post! What are your baby essentials?

Nicola Xx
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