Saturday, 1 October 2016

31 Week Midwife Appointment - Baby #3

I set off for my appointment a little more nervous than usual. Over the past two days baby girls movements have changed a little. Normally whenever I sit down she goes crazy. I didn't know if I'd just been busier than usual but something wasn't the same.

I arrived at my appointment, urine was good and blood pressure was fine. The midwife then measured my belly. I'm still measuring two weeks behind but have grown 3cm in 3 week so right on track, just a little smaller than average. She next felt my stomach. She spent a lot longer today trying to work out where baby girl was. Turns out she is in a transverse position. My midwife said she has until 36 weeks to turn around before they would consider turning her manually. I really hope she turns around. I was actually almost 32 weeks at my appointment so she has a month!

Next I finally remembered to ask my midwife about hearing the heartbeat. Apparently they don't listen in anymore around here. They much prefer you to monitor movements. She then asked about baby girls movements and I explained. She seemed a little concerned and phoned the hospital for me to go straight across to be monitored. Luckily its right across the road.

I called Mark right away to update him and he came out of work and we went to get monitored. It took forever for them to find baby girls heartbeat, such a scary situation to be in! Your mind just races. When they eventually found her heartbeat they had a hard time trying to keep it. Finally we were hooked up and our 30 minutes of monitoring could start. They like to get a trace of the heartbeat for half an hour while you push a button every time you feel movement.

After the half an hour was up they came back to check the results. Baby girls heartbeat was peaking as it should and her movements were ok. There seemed to be times the monitor was picking up movements when I wasn't. They put this down to her transverse position and just told me to keep an eye on movements. If they were reduced again I have to call and go back in.

I really hope she moves into a head down position soon and fingers crossed her movements return to normal soon too. She's a little monkey this one!

Nicola Xx

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  1. So glad all is ok, they do worry us don't they! So good of your midwife to get you seen straight away too x


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