Saturday, 8 October 2016

Acosy Bumpers Review

Parker has just recently moved into a toddler bed from his cot. He has also moved into Paige's bedroom. We were so nervous to make two big switches but figured it had to be done sooner or later because of baby girl. So him and Paige will share a room until baby girl is sleeping through and then the kids can decide who wants to share.

We were originally planning on making the switch at the start of the summer holidays. We figured that it would take Parker a while to adjust and didn't want him keeping Paige up if she had school. Well, that didn't go to plan. We tried him a few times over the holidays and he wasn't having any of it. We decided to just leave it and try again in a few months, we'd just have to deal with a new baby and getting Parker to stay in bed at the same time. After all, the baby doesn't need a room straight away.

A few weekends ago we randomly decided to let Parker try again. He seemed so interested in Paige's room and his bed, we left it all set up for him just incase. Since that night we haven't looked back. He has done so well. If he naps it does take him about an hour to go to sleep but he will stay in his bed and play with his teddies. Paige is that tired from school that she falls asleep straight away. He only naps on days he has nursery and If he doesn't nap then he falls asleep quite quickly too. We've had one bad night where he kept Paige up for about an hour but I think one bad night in the middle of a months worth of good ones is ok.

With Paige we never used bumpers and to this day she's only fallen out of bed once and that was a few months ago! With Parker we are using the Acosy bumpers. They are basically foam bed guard bumpers that are "nursery grade" and conform to all the safety standards. They simply sit on the mattress edge and are secured in place with the fitted bottom sheet. They are super simple to use, light weight and very child friendly. I love how soft they are versus a standard bed guard. 

So far they are working out really well for him. I think they help keep him in bed when he's awake as well as he does have to climb over or around them to get out. The bumpers are super easy to use and work well. They are available in two sizes, the little bed bumpers for 0-2 year olds and the big bed bumpers for 2 years and over.

How did your little one do when they transitioned out of their cot?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent Acosy bumpers for this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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