Thursday, 13 October 2016

Baby Buys #3

Another lot of baby buys. The weeks are flying by. You can check out my first and second post to see what else we've got for baby girl so far.

I wanted to try focusing on some clothes and essentials as that's the main part of what baby girl needs now. I popped into Primark and they had some lovely stuff in all the kids sections. I got some items for Paige and Parker too. For baby girl I got this adorable dress, I just couldn't resist. I figure that she will be able to wear it around Christmas/new year time. It may be a little big but will be fine. It was only £8 and is gorgeous.

I'm going to pair that dress with this little cardigan and some tights as it will be winter. The cardigan is 100% cotton and was £4.50. I still need to buy some tights!

Paige picked up the next little set. A cute top, leggings and hair band. She insisted we get it. It was only £5 which is great for what is essentially a full outfit.

Last up from Primark were these long sleeves body suits. For three it's less than £3! I just got plain white as they will be used mainly underneath other items so don't need anything fancy. I want to go back and pick up more sizes too!

 We were very kindly sent the Melobaby nappy wallet and changing bag to review. I can't wait to use them and let you all know what I think. Look out for a review!

Some baby essentials now. First up... wipes. We use loads of wipes already so when baby girl comes we will just use even more. I love the Huggies Pure ones. They are made with natural, absorbent fibres that gently clean and protect delicate skin. They are made with 99% pure water and are free from nasties such as alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parabens.

Some more baby essentials. Nappies and nappy bags. We've stocked up on Mamia newborn nappies and nappy sacks. With two in nappies we will be using a lot of nappy sacks. I love using Aldi items, super great quality and great prices. We've never had an issue with leaking so hopefully baby girl likes them too!

Finishing on an essential too is Sudocrem. Babies tend to get nappy rash. Sometimes a lot and sometimes very rarely. I think it depends on the products you use and your babies skin. Both Paige and Parker have always had nappy rash when they are teething. There's just something about teething that irritates their skin a little more than normal. We are very lucky that we haven't had to deal with really bad nappy rash but applying a cream like Sudocrem Care & Protect gives your baby that extra little bit of protection during every nappy change.

We still need more clothes, a changing mat and plat mat so look out for the next post! What are your baby essentials?

Nicola Xx

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  1. How funky is that changing bag?! Very cool.

    We're mostly sorted now but I still need to get a changing mat too.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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