Friday, 28 October 2016

Christmas Jumpers from Matalan

Christmas is just around the corner. This year I am trying to be as organised as possible as baby girl will only be around a month old on Christmas day.

Each year I try to find matching Christmas pjs for us all but with the sizes we need it can be either really hard or expensive. So this year my thoughts turned to Christmas jumpers! Matalan have a great selection and although we won't be matching we will all look super festive. The jumpers are also really well priced. It can get expensive when you need 4 or 5.

First up we have the grown up jumpers. Mark isn't too fond of anything too fussy so this jumper is perfect for him, red with a little Christmas touch. As for me I went for the black with the pompom Christmas tree. I thought that at a month post partum this would be a safe option plus the little tree is super colourful and fun!

I love the kids jumpers. Paige and baby girl both have penguin jumpers. Paige's even lights up which she adores! Parkers has a little reindeer and when you press the nose it plays music, which of course he loves.

All the jumpers are super nice quality and I can't wait to see us all wearing them!

Do you buy Christmas jumpers?

Nicola Xx

1 comment:

  1. These are super cute, love the tiny baby one! I am going to buy us all Christmas jumpers this year as we are staying at home for the first time ever and I can not wait xx


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