Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Leapfrog Review - Melody The Musical Turtle and Scouts Goodnight Light

We were recently sent two Leapfrog items for the kids to try out. The first is Melody The Musical Turtle. Melody is a sweet little turtle. She has 10 musical activities for children ages 2 and over. She has 3 different learning modes and is super easy to use. In the Learn and Play mode you have to listen and look for numbers and colours as quickly as possible. In the Memory mode you have to watch the buttons lights up and remember there order. The music mode is all about following the lights to play a familiar tune, you can also make your own tunes up.  Melody also has two volume settings, great for parents to use!

Your child can play with Melody on their own or with a friend. Perfect for siblings learning to share or perfect for mum/dad to join in. Me and Paige love playing the memory game and to be honest its a great little memory workout for me too.

Both Paige and Parker love playing with Melody. Paige really enjoys the memory game and Parker loves pressing the buttons to make songs. He doesn't quite understand the memory game yet but will get there. He loves following the lights to play the songs though. I love that Melody is so bright and colourful. She is super easy to use and her buttons are nice and big, perfect for toddler hands.

Next up is Scouts Goodnight Light. The light is shaped like a rocket and is a nightlight and a torch. A perfect 2-in-1 product. When you select the torch mode eight planets are projected onto the wall or ceiling, depending where you have and hold the rocket. Scout and Violet talk about the solar system, count stars and ask about colours. In the nightlight mode stars and numbers are projected onto the ceiling. They change from red to blue and then green. You can also select lullabies, solar wind or environmental sounds. To be honest when we use this mode we don't use the sound at all and I love that option. You can also pick between 10 or 20 minutes of lights.

Both Paige and Parker find the light easy to use and love it. They look forward to bedtime just because they know they will get to see the light show. I love that as with all Leapfrog toys its a great learning tool and such a fun design.

Both are available to buy from the Leapfrog website.

What is your childrens favourite Leapfrog toy? I'd say the Goodnight Light is one of ours!

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent both of the above items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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