Thursday, 27 October 2016

Mummy and Me - October

Another month has passed by so quickly. This will almost certainly be my last mummy and me with only two children. If all goes to plan baby girl should be here by the next one.

Its strange thinking just how soon things will change. I will soon be mummy to three children, more children than hands I've got! I have no idea how I will manage but only time will tell! I am excited and a little nervous. I can't wait for baby girl to be here but I will miss this bump once its gone. Its funny how attached you get, even with my hyperemesis. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for he bump to disappear, this may well by my last pregnancy so I want to soak up every second!

These pictures were taken at the beginning of the month and naughty me forgot to take anymore. We had a lovely afternoon at the park and were sat eating ice creams. Paige kept making me and Parker laugh and pulling faces at her lolly, which I ended up eating as she decided half way that she didn't like it.

I can't wait to see next months pictures, with hopefully all three of my babies in!!

Nicola Xx

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. October has passed so quickly for me too. My baby is now 7 months, I can't deal with it. Thinking we might start trying for another baby after Christmas, and that will be my last pregnancy too. Eek. Its nervewracking stuff. I hope your new baby doesn't come too soon! Enjoy every last minute, I wish I did! X

  2. Ahhh I love these pictures! Enjoying ice cream and ice lollies at the park! #MummyandMe

  3. Ah I cannot believe baby girl is almost here, your pregnancy seems to have flown (although I'm sure it hasn't as much for you)! These pictures are lovely, so fun and natural :) xx


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