Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Starting School - The First Half Term

Paige is currently on half term from school, I can't believe just how quickly it has come around. It was really needed as she was starting to get so tired. The teachers have mentioned that by Christmas they are even more tired!

She has done so well with her first half term. She has settled in really well and loves it. We had parents evening just before they broke up for the holidays and both her teachers had nothing but lovely things to say. Paige is a joy to have in class and loves learning. She is doing really well with reading and writing. Her maths is above where it should be for her age. The only concern they had was her speech. In the words of her teachers she is a very bright girl and they'd hate for her speech to hold her back in progressing. So they suggested speech therapy. Both me and Mark sort of looked at each other when they said this as we fist mentioned at her 2 year check up about speech therapy and were told it would improve in time. We then questioned nursery but again they didn't seem bothered. I'm glad that school have picked up on it and suggested some extra help, I just wish that me and Mark had self referred her 2 years ago, but we were always told that everything was fine. It isn't that she doesn't talk or can't, it's just the pronouncing of some sounds and letters. Hopefully after half term we should hear from a speech therapist and that can begin.
It was so lovely to see pictures of her in school and to look at some of work.

She has made loads of friends and had loads of party invites (a few more than I was expecting to be honest).

I still can't quite believe that she is in school. We are so proud of her and the way she has settled in. I hope she continues to do well and love school. We are now going to enjoy these holidays together as by the next ones there will be a new little addition. Parker is still in nursery 3 times this week so I can't wait for some mummy and Paige time.

Nicola Xx


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