Thursday, 27 October 2016

Underfloor Heating - Better Than Radiators

The cold weather is approaching. I feel like I need to be wrapped up in jumpers and slippers with the heating on now. I always feel the cold, a lot more than Mark and Paige. With a baby due in a matter of weeks we need the house to be nice and warm for them and of course for Paige and Parker.

We have central heating like most people and a fire. We never really use the fire, we just don't really feel the need to be honest. The central heating tends to come on at specific times throughout the day.

The coldest part of our house has to be the kitchen. It has laminate flooring, a window and door leading to the back garden plus it doesn't have a radiator. It isn't a huge problem as it is open plan with our living room so gets heat from there but its quite a big space to keep warm.

We've thought about adding underfloor heating to help but have never really known where to start. It feels like a very luxurious thing and we would love to have it in the kitchen. I think it would be amazing to step onto a usually cold laminate floor and instead feel the warmth. It sounds like hard work to install underfloor heating but you can buy underfloor heating kits here. They have everything you need!
Underfloor heating is actually proven to heat a room better than a radiator which could save you money in the long term. Sounds like a huge bonus t me.
Have you ever thought about underfloor heating? Any hints or tips for us?
Nicola Xx
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