Tuesday, 8 November 2016

37 Week Midwife Appointment and Birth Plan

If baby girl follows Parker and comes in my 38th week then this would be our last midwife appointment. That's kind of crazy!

This was a double appointment as we went over my birth plan and what I'd ideally like to happen in labour. Obviously nothing is ever guaranteed.

So for this labour and birth I'm hoping that it goes along the lines of Paiges and Parkers. I'm planning on another water birth at my local birth centre with no pain relief. During Paiges labour I had gas and air and to be honest it made me feel awful so for parkers I didn't use it. I'm hoping I can go without this time too but know its there if I need it. We plan on having Mark cut the cord, like previously, and then waiting for the placenta to come naturally. I also want to be the one to take baby girl out of the water and onto my chest. With my other water births the midwife sort of hangs back and just lets you get on with it which I love. Obviously she is there for support if needed.

The rest of the appointment went well. Everything else was perfect. Bump is now measuring three weeks behind but she didn't seem concerned. Baby girl is still head down and she had her hand by her face still. Her back was at my left side with her feet towards the right. She wasn't engaged or anything but the midwife said that third babies would usually engage just before or in labour. The midwife predicted that if born on or close to her due date she would be 7lb something.

My midwife also said she would be very surprised if I went crazy overdue so that's something. We will discuss induction at the next appointment which is at 39 weeks. She mentioned that they would let me go 12 days over. I do have a feeling I might go a couple of days over but we shall see.

Did your birth go as you expected?

Nicola Xx


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