Wednesday, 16 November 2016

38 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

Baby girls eyes and hair now have colour. She could be almost 7lbs in weight and 19.5 inches long. All of her organs are functioning on their own. The uterus now weighs 2 and a half pounds and was once only 2 ounces!

This week I'm sleeping a little better. My heartburn is still awful, I won't miss that. I've had a lot of pinching feelings this week, really low down. I've also had even more Braxton hicks this week. I feel like baby girl has also dropped a little more, I'm hoping she stays put for  little while yet though. This week I caught a stomach bug and almost got admitted to hospital twice, I am so not ready to have baby girl. Really hope she waits until closer to her due date. I don't have any energy from the bug and no strength left.

Waist - 30.5 inches, no change
Belly - 39 inches, no change

Nicola Xx


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