Tuesday, 22 November 2016

39 Week Midwife Appointment

Hopefully this was my last midwife appointment. My next is scheduled for 41 weeks so I'm hoping that baby girl will arrive before then, if she doesn't I will be offered a sweep.

This appointment was very short and brief. The midwife checked my blood pressure and urine, all was fine! She had a quick feel of my belly. Baby is still head down with her back on my left side. She isn't engaged but the midwife said that third babies don't tend to engage until labour is very close or has started. So strange to me as Paige was engaged quite early on and Parker engaged early too and then arrived at 38+3. 

I am still measuring 3 weeks behind at 36cm. She said that baby girl doesn't feel worryingly small but doesn't feel huge either. She's predicting 7lb something still.

Now its all just a waiting game of when I will go into labour. I really hope I don't make my 41 week appointment but only time will tell. If I do I will more than likely have the sweep as I want to avoid induction plus I'd be curious to know if I'm dilated or not.

Nicola Xx

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