Friday, 11 November 2016

Secret Saviour Anti Stretch Mark Band, Cream and Gel

I don't think that stretch marks are something that any pregnant lady ever wants, they are just seen as apart of pregnancy that you can't really do much about. Some people love them and some hate them.
Secret Saviours is a brand that is wanting to change that! It was developed by a vascular surgeon and is scientifically proven to help prevent or significantly reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. In the kit there is a specially designed Anti Stretch Mark Band, a Day Gel and Night Cream. They work together to keep the skin moisturised, soft, smooth and supple while the band helps to support the skin. The band has a random pattern of pads to effectively provide a protective barrier that can help smaller tissue tears from turning into bigger stretch marks.
So, did it help me?
The band is available in different sizes which is great as there will be one to fit almost anyone. It's available in black or pink. It is very supportive for bump and across the lower back. The pads on the inside took a little while for me to get used to them, they feel a little strange at first. They also leave a mark after wearing the band for a long period of time. They can also be seen under some clothing so you might want to be careful what items you wear over the top. But the band is comfortable to wear and supportive.

The cream and gel are nice. They smell gorgeous but it is quite a strong smell so won't be for everyone. I personally prefer the night cream over the day gel. I feel like it sinks into the skin better and leaves my skin feeling amazing. The day gel takes longer to sink in and feels a little uncomfortable on my skin. I couldn't use it without using the band over the top. Both are thick and feel very luxurious. They do keep my skin well moisturised and supple.

Are you worried about stretch marks? Do you use any specially designed creams to try prevent them?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


  1. I really like the night cream too. It's definitely a lovely product, made by a lovely company, isn't it. I like the fact that they have medics involved in its development. I'm enjoying using mine, and I look forward to how my tummy will be with its use post-pregnancy.

    Thanks for your review.

  2. Thanks meant for sharing this type of satisfying opinion, written piece is fastidious, that’s why I’ve read it completely.


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