Friday, 16 December 2016

Finding The Perfect Baby Gift

Having a baby just before Christmas is a new experience for us. Paige was born in May and Parker in June. When it came to buying them gifts they were at the perfect age for starting to play and really enjoy toys so that made things really easy.

This Christmas Harleigh will be 5 weeks old. I'll be honest, it's made gift buying a little tricky. We want to get her a few little items that we can cherish and remember her first Christmas but also want to get her some more practical things like clothes and toys. Babies grow that quickly so I think that getting her a few toys she can grow into is a good idea.

Family have also started to ask me what to buy her. Its such a funny age as no one really knows what to get and they don't want to buy the same thing. It can be hard to buy the perfect gift when they are so young.

Mamas & Papas has launched a handy little online tool to help. The Mamas & Papas gift finder helps you find the perfect baby gift by answering 5 very simple questions. Once you've answered them all it suggests some gifts. It's really that easy! Plus one of the questions is about price so you can find the perfect gift in your budget. What I love about the gift finder is that it might suggest items which you hadn't previously thought of.

How do you find the perfect baby gift?

Nicola Xx


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