Friday, 16 December 2016

Harleigh - 1 Week Old

This first week has flown by. It is by far one of my favourite weeks. I love this newborn bubble and I never want it to end. The first week is always so lovely, you're getting to know your baby, the tiredness from the night feeds hasn't sunk in yet and your still on that birth high.

During Harleighs first week she was drinking 1-2oz of milk every 1-2 hours. She pretty much slept all the time but would sleep for longer stretches during the day rather than at night. We are all soaking up the newborn cuddles and she is pretty much constantly held.  

She had a little bit of jaundice but no one was that concerned as she was eating well and happy in herself.

We had a visit from the midwife on day 3 and Harleigh weighed 6lb 13oz so she had only lost 1oz since birth which is great. We later found out that they shouldn't really of weighed her on day three as it then messed up later weights. She is in newborn clothes although most are big and in size one nappies.

On day 4 her cord fell off, I can't believe that it happened so quickly. She is already growing up so quickly.

Both children absolutely adore her and constantly fuss over her and want to hold her and share their toys, it's so sweet.

Read my one week postpartum update and Harleighs birth story.

Nicola Xx


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