Friday, 23 December 2016

Harleigh - 2 Weeks Old

This week Harleigh got her first cold. It is so sad to watch. It was pretty much a given what with all the nursery and school germs from the older two. Plus I'm full of cold and have a cough. I haven't really gotten any better from just before giving birth when I had that sickness bug. She has a stuffy nose and that has resulted in not a lot of sleep for us at all.
She had a growth spurt this week and was really wanting feeding more often, another effect on sleep. She is now eating 3oz every 1-3 hours. On day 13 she weighed 7lb 6oz so she is really starting to gain weight now.

She has more noticeable awake periods during the day now, usually morning and evening times. She is also tracking our movements with her eyes and will follow us when we move. Her head control is getting better and she loves tummy time.

She is such a happy baby and rarely cries, normally only if she has a dirty nappy or is hungry. She still loves to be held and we love it just as much.

I wish time would slow down.

Nicola Xx



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