Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Help Save Newborns With Pampers and UNICEF

Whether you're a parent or not you've most likely heard of Pampers. They are a huge brand in the nappy world and very popular. Did you know that they've worked very closely with UNICEF since 2006 to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus from the world? They are officially half way towards their goal and have eliminated the disease in 19 countries! How amazing is that?!

Your baby can help!

For every pack of Pampers nappies and wipes sold through the "1 Pack = 1 Vaccine" Pampers-UNICEF campaign Pampers will donate 1 vaccine against maternal and newborn tetanus. This is running from October through December so there's still time to help, just look out for the UNICEF logo on special packs of Pampers. Since the campaign started a vaccine has reached a mother and her baby every single second and saved an estimated 500,000 babies!

There are lots of other ways to get involved and support the campaign. Just by sharing a picture of your baby with #1photo1vaccine or #PampersUNICEF on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) Pampers will donate the equivalent cost of 1 vaccine. You can also donate to UNICEF directly and become a monthly sponsor to help improve the lives of so many vulnerable children.

Kimberley Walsh is supporting the Pampers-UNICEF campaign this year. Kimberley says: “I feel hugely honoured to be supporting the Pampers-UNICEF campaign in its 11th year. As a mum to Bobby, and expecting my second child later this year, I feel great empathy with other mothers around the world who, just as I do, want nothing more than to deliver a happy, healthy baby. The reason I’m so passionate about this campaign is that mums and dads here in the UK can make a very real difference by doing nothing more than buying the Pampers that they need for their little ones. It’s phenomenal and makes me feel very proud of what we can achieve together."

All babies need nappies and it makes it so simple to help out. Just buy a pack of nappies with the UNICEF logo and Pampers will do the rest!

To find out more why not visit http://www.pampers.co.uk/why-pampers/pampers-unicef-partnership 

Nicola Xx

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