Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Hipp Organic Baby Care Range

Babies skin can be the most amazing skin ever. With my children we've had a real mix. As a baby Paige had really sensitive skin and developed baby eczema at around 3 months old. Parkers skin was really good and we've luckily never had a problem. 

When Harleigh was born she was covered in vernix. The midwife told us it was the best moisturiser so we left it on her and rubbed it in. I'm always very hesitant to use any products on my babies skin because of how Paige's skin was. We don't usually use anything for a good few weeks and now with Harleigh still don't use wipes on her. She is now almost 5 weeks old. 
Hipp Organic have recently launched a new baby care range and asked us if we wanted to try it. It was specially developed to be free from ingredients like PEG and parabens. This makes it perfect for babies sensitive skin. 
Harleigh was sent some items from the range plus an adorable personalised towel. The wash range includes...Baby foaming hand wash, head to toe baby wash, baby shampoo and the good night baby bath. 
I love the packaging of the foaming hand wash. It's a sweet little duck shaped bottle. Perfect for kids!! It smells quite strong but it isn't a bad smell, it smells very clean.
The head to toe wash is a great all rounder, perfect from head to toe as the name suggests. It comes in a handy pump which makes it super easy to use when bathing little ones.
The baby shampoo is another lovely product in the line. It foams up nicely and has a nice smell.

My favourite product we were sent has to be the good night baby bath. It makes lovely bubbles when added into the bath and smells of lovely sandalwood which helps settle and soothe baby in the bath.  
All the products left Harleighs skin feeling lovely and soft. They didn't feel harsh and I felt confident using them knowing they were free from all the nasty ingredients.
Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer - We were sent the above items to review for the purpose of this post but all views and opinions are my own*


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