Saturday, 31 December 2016

Me and Mine - December

I can't quite believe that another year is over. We started 2016 as a four and we've ended as a five. It was always our hope and dream to add to our family this year but you never quite know if things will work out the way you hope. I feel so grateful and blessed to be a five.
We've had an ok year. My pregnancy was rough with my HG but we got through it. Parker started nursery and Paige started school. Then of course Harleigh joined us, we've had a pretty big year.

I have certain hopes and dreams for 2017 and I'm excited to see what happens. 2017 will see Paige turning 5, Parker turning 3 and starting pre-school, Harleigh turning 1 and me and Mark celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I wonder what else it will bring!

This months pictures are such bad quality (taken on my front camera while almost dark outside) but they are some of my favourite. We are just snuggled on the sofa after a lovely festive time together. We didn't do anything special for Christmas, we never usually do. We just love spending it together as a family.
See you next year!
Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - 2017 sounds like it will be a year to look forward to :)

  2. Such an exciting time and lovely fun photo of you 5. HG is rough so well done in getting through xx

  3. OH I love your happy, fun family captures lovely. Look forward to reading all about your 2017 this year. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject


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