Friday, 9 December 2016

One Week Postpartum after baby #3

The weeks are already flying by at a crazy speed. I'm not ready for Harleigh to grow up and yet each day I can see her getting that little bit bigger and that little bit stronger. 

1 week postpartum
At one week postpartum I'm a little achy from delivery but generally I'm doing ok. I did have stitches so I am a little sore and swollen but not half as much as I was after having Paige. That was awful. Randomly my left leg and my upper back hurts. I'm putting it down to the labour and just my body getting back to normal but it is pretty strange. My milk came in on day 3 so that isn't helping my back pain. 

Straight out of hospital I weighed myself and I'd lost 8lb. The exact same amount after having Parker which is so funny because they weighed the exact same at birth! Over the course of the week I lost an additional 4lb so overall I've lost 12lbs so far. I put on 2 stone all together during my pregnancy. I always seem to gain the same each time, like my body just knows exactly what to do and how much to gain.
2 days postpartum
5 days postpartum
At the end of my pregnancy my belly measured 39inch, I'm now measuring 34.5inch. I am using the Belly Bandit but not religiously.
I am loving having a newborn again and she has fitted in perfectly. I'm not feeling too tired yet as I think I'm still on that birth high plus Mark is at home so he is helping out with the school runs although I did pick Paige up the day I gave birth and shocked a few people, haha!
I feel like my body knows how to recover quickly as does so a little better after each baby, maybe because I can't take it as easy as I could after having Paige.

How did you feel at 1 week postpartum?

Nicola Xx


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