Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Speech Therapy

Paige said her first word at around 6 months old. After that she was always a little slow to talk in proper sentences and words were never super clear. At her two year check up we mentioned it and everyone just kept telling us that when she started nursery it would come on leaps and bounds and to not worry. She started nursery a few months after and her speech did improve a little but not loads.

She then started pre school at three years old and we mentioned her speech to teachers but they didn't seem worried so we kind of plodded along and forgot all about it.

Then September 2016 came around and Paige started school. At her first parents evening her teacher mentioned her speech and how Paige was a bright girl but sometimes her speech lets her down. We knew that she wasn't on the same level as some of her peers and really didn't want it to effect her school work. We had also noticed that she was getting really shy about her speech and it was starting to effect her confidence. The teacher suggested speech therapy and so I got the ball rolling.

A couple of weeks ago we had our first meeting with the speech therapist. It was a meeting to see if Paige really did need speech therapy, it turns out she does. During the appointment the lady asked me questions about Paige's speech and why we were concerned. She then had a little activity for Paige to do. It involved a lot of flash cards and she wrote down phonetically what Paige said in reply to her questions.

Afterwards Paige went to play and the lady explained to me that most children who need speech therapy have 1-2 speech issues that need correcting. It turns out that Paige has 5-6! This can make it really hard to understand her if you aren't used to her speech, but even me and Mark sometimes struggle to understand her.

The lady explained that some sounds come around three years so Paige was behind with those but others they don't expect to fully become clear until closer to five. Paige is currently four and a half so the plan is to work on the earlier sounds and by the time they have done that she will be closer to 5 so they will then be able to see if she still needs help with the other sounds.

We are currently waiting for another appointment which will see Paige start some group sessions and then some one to one sessions. I'm a little nervous and I know Paige is too but it will be nice to finally get her the help she needs. My only wish is that we'd pushed harder when she was younger.

Have you had any experience with speech therapy?

Nicola Xx


  1. Both of my girls have had speech therapy and it worked wonders for them...
    Try not to worry...The speech therapy people are amazing.
    Good luck x

  2. Molly (almost 3) had an appointment to assess her speech and at the moment she is just a bit young to do anything. She has come on leaps and bounds since then but we found the whole process simple and will be reviewed next year. Hope it helps


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