Wednesday, 11 January 2017

1 Month Postpartum - Baby #3

One month after having my third baby and I am feeling great. All my pregnancy issues have gone away including my hyperemesis which went as soon as I gave birth. It was amazing to not feel sick anymore and to not have to take my tablets.
My body is slowly getting there. I still have around a stone to go and because of Christmas I haven't even tried to lose weight, I shall start in the new year. My belly is slowly getting there, I don't think it will get any flatter without exercise and losing the last stone of baby weight. I've also used the Belly Bandit which is helping, review coming soon.
My skin and nails aren't as nice as they were while I was pregnant but that's always the case. I'm hoping that they even out again soon.

Apart from that everything else is pretty much the same.

How did you feel a month after giving birth?

Nicola Xx


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