Thursday, 26 January 2017

2 Months Postpartum - Baby #3

Last week I had my 6-8 week check up. To be honest I'm always a little disappointed, they never do anything and just ask a few questions.

Everything is going well. I am back to normal and have for a while. Of course I'm tired but I have three children so that's pretty much guaranteed.

As for weight loss and I'm a little disappointed to be honest. At 6 weeks postpartum I started watching my eating and working out. Now almost 3 weeks later I've lost 1lb, that's it! I have lost a few inches around my belly and waist. I'm 13lb heavier than pre pregnancy and although I am starting to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans I would like to lose a little more weight. I am trying really hard to not focus on the weight and to focus on how my clothes fit and getting fitter but sometimes it's hard to get that figure out of my head. With Paige it took me about 8/9 months to lose the baby weight, with Parker it happened so much quicker at 3/4 months. I'm wondering if my body just doesn't react well to losing weight after having a girl.

I'm trying to make more time for myself and feel like the working out is helping with that so that's also making me feel good.

My skin is all over the place. These hormones have a lot of answer for. My period returned at 6 weeks and I can't wait for it to regulate out again, fingers crossed it does. The doctor did tell me to go back in a month or so if it hadn't.
How did you feel at 2 months postpartum?
Nicola Xx


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