Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Harleigh - 2 Months Old

I'm not quite sure how but Harleigh is already 2 months old. Its very scary just how quickly that time is passing.

She isn't a newborn at all anymore. She is so alert and is awake so much during the day now. She is so strong and has great head control.

She smiles all the time in response to us. It is so lovely. Paige and Parker love seeing her smile and trying to get her to smile. You can already see just how much she loves them both already! She has started trying to giggle and we've had a couple out of it, possibly the cutest thing.

She is in 0-3 months clothes and weighs 11lb 4oz. She had her 6-8 week check up and everything is perfect. She also got her first set of injections and got an awful fever but that cleared after about 36 hours. She is drinking 5oz bottles and taking around 4 naps a day. At night she is sleeping 4-6 hour stretch to start and then 2-4 hour stretches.

She loves shadows and patterns. Is so ticklish and loves to be sat up looking around. She isn't a huge fan of tummy time but has started trying to roll over, crazy to think that at 8 weeks old Parker was already rolling over.

She has fitted in so perfectly.

Nicola Xx


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