Monday, 9 January 2017

Harleigh - 3 and 4 Weeks Old

Christmas and new year have meant that I'm a little behind with Harleigh's updates so i'm putting weeks 3 and 4 together.

Week 3
This week Harleigh is a lot more alert. Her head control gets better everyday and she is getting so strong. She has had a little growth spurt and is now around 9lbs. She has outgrown some tiny baby and newborn clothes. She is now on 4oz bottles. Sleeping is ok. She did sleep 4 hours straight in the night but usually is awake every 1-2 hours.

Week 4
This week Harleigh has shown some signs of going through her first leap. She is a little fussy when you put her down and loves nothing more than mummy cuddles. She is sleeping 4 hours quite regularly when she first goes down between 8-10pm and we usually have 3 wake ups in the night.

Nicola X

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  1. How cute is she. I am loving the little head pieces. :-) x


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