Friday, 13 January 2017

Review - Belly Bandit

During pregnancy I love my belly. I love watching it grow and feeling the baby moving around inside. After pregnancy I hate it. It feels so empty and jelly like. I'm quite lucky that in previous pregnancies my belly has gone down quite quickly.  Don't get me wrong I'm not one of these amazing women that walk out of hospital with a flat stomach but within a few weeks my belly is more or less back to normal and I just work on toning it a little.
With each pregnancy I've looked into ways to help my belly go down a little faster. One of the first companies I came across were Belly Bandit. Belly Bandit are a really popular brand who are known for their post pregnancy shape wear but now also sell items which are perfect during pregnancy too. 
Just before Harleigh was born I was sent the original Belly Bandit to review and have loved wearing it. The Belly Bandit works by helping to shrink the belly, waist and hips. It also;
  • Adds support to the upper body while breastfeeding
  • Comforts the mid-section after a C-section
  • Helps the body lose inches faster
  • Helps minimize stretch marks
  • Adds support to the back and legs
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Streamlines the silhouette
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Aids in decreased bloating and swelling
  • Reminds you to utilize your core muscles
  • Helps to gently persuade muscles back together
I was sent the small size and I'm usually a UK size 6-8. I could of got a medium but I wanted the Belly Bandit to last so right after I had Harleigh the Belly Bandit didn't actually fit. I had to wait a week or two for my belly to go down naturally and then I started using the Belly Bandit. 
In the first few days after I started using it I noticed a big difference. My stomach was shrinking faster and I felt supported. My stomach muscles were very weak after pregnancy so the Belly Bandit helped to support my core and back. 
I wore the Belly Bandit most days but never slept in it, although you can. I felt like I needed that freedom at night. Actually wearing the Belly Bandit was fine., it was so easy to put on as it just uses Velcro. It was comfortable  to wear but you could see it under certain clothes. I found myself wearing slightly looser tops to hide the Belly Bandit underneath. After a couple of weeks I was ready to move down a size so if you are thinking of buying one maybe consider buying your size and then the size below, there are full size guides on the Belly Bandit website.
I'm almost 8 weeks postpartum and no longer wear the Belly Bandit. My belly still isn't back to pre pregnancy size but I think it's more to do with weight loss now rather than it shrinking down on it's own. I do think the belly Bandit helped shrink my stomach and would recommend it to a friend and have done. 
Have you ever tried the Belly Bandit or would you consider it?
Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer - I was sent the belly bandit for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


  1. Oh this sounds great. I will prob end up with another c-section and so something that helps after would be great.

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