Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review - Cocoonababy

Figuring out where your new baby is going to sleep can take a lot of thought. It can be hard to know what option to go with. There are so many different products on the market that claim to be the best for sleep, it can be hard to pick one.

Inside the womb babies are so cosy and held tightly by your body 24 hours a day. They are rocked to sleep with your movement and going from that to the outside world is a huge step. They need to feel safe and secure and the Cocoonababy does exactly that. It was specially designed to provide your baby with a comforting, reassuring, womb-like space to sleep in. The semi-foetal, gently curved position helps reassure baby and encourages peaceful sleep. It also improves the quality and length of sleep, reduces waking with the Moro reflex, limits reflux problems and minimizes the risk of a flat head. The Cocoonababy also includes a tummy band which holds baby securely but still allows them to move their arms and legs. It also has a removable wedge to help position baby in the semi-foetal position.

The Caooonababy is essentially a giant cushion for your baby to sleep on. It is thick and firm but soft enough to ensure that baby is comfortable.

Harleigh has used the Cocoonababy from birth and loves it. We love it too. She is very happy sleeping in it and I feel confident knowing that it is nice and safe for her. It is to be used inside the cot (on the lowest setting) or on the floor. It can be used from 6lb 2.6oz until 3-4 months when baby starts to roll over and change position while sleeping.

The covers are easily removed and washable, they can't go in the tumble dryer but don't take long to dry.

I love that you can adjust the wedge under the covers to grow with your baby.

We love the Cocoonababy and can't fault it. Harleigh looks comfortable, cosy and really calm. We can't recommend it enough and would consider it a newborn must have!
Would you consider trying the Cocoonababy?
Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer - We were sent the Cacoonababy for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

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  1. Oh I love that. I've got a 6.5 year gap between this baby and my last, so I'm loving reading about all the new products around.


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