Sunday, 15 January 2017

Siblings - January

Another month has passed and all the children seem to be so much bigger this month. Harleigh is the one that has grown and changed the most which was always going to be the case. She is looking a lot less like a newborn now. It is really bittersweet. She is almost 2 months old.

Paige and Parker both still adore her. They constantly want to cuddle her, kiss her and play with her. It's going to be so amazing when she actually starts playing with them.

She will now smile in reaction to us and the kids adore that they can make her smile. They get happy if she just looks at them!

My three babies.
Nicola Xx
The Me and Mine Project


  1. My haven't they grown! They all look a lot like you! x

  2. Oh babes I loved your ig snap of them these are just as beautiful. Hope you frames that first one. Your trio is beautiful and I look forward to the year of #siblingsproject ahead with them.

  3. These are so gorgeous and they do look utterly happy in them x

  4. Beautiful! I can't believe how much Harleigh has grown already! xx


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