Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Harleigh - 3 Months Old

My little sausage is three months old already. I can't believe it. It's flown. She is already 1 quarter of a year old.

She is growing and changing every single day. She is so alert and wants to look at everything. She is super smiley and will do little high pitched giggles which is the cutest thing ever. She loves Paige and Parker and they often get the biggest smiles. She is starting to try roll over and has started hitting toys.

She is mostly still in 0-3 months clothes but does wear 3-6 months sometimes. Her 0-3m sleepsuits are starting to get a little tight. She is in size 2 nappies and just about to move up to size 3. She is still have 5oz bottles every 3 hours. She also has about 4 naps a day ranging from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. At the beginning of February she weighed 12lb.

Her night time sleep was wonderful then we hit a development leap and a growth spurt. She was doing 10 straight hours but now is very hit and miss. Sometimes she will do 4 hours followed by every 2 and sometimes she will do 6-8 hours followed by 1-2 hours.

Her eyes look like they are getting lighter and it makes me wonder if she will have eyes the same colour as Mark, which is a greyish sort of colour. Her cradle cap is getting better but we think she might have eczema like Paige did. She had a bald spot on the back of her head but that is starting to grow back already!

Nicola Xx


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