Monday, 20 February 2017

Review - Joie Serina 2in1 Swing

One of my top items for a new baby is always a swing. A comfortable place to pop your baby down and somewhere that the majority of the time they are happy to be whether awake or asleep.

With Paige and Parker we had the same swing but then lost it somehow so when I got with Harleigh I started the hunt for a new one. I came across the amazing Joie Serina 2in1 Swing.
This swing is pretty cool. It actually swings two different ways. All you have to do is simply twist the seat to the side and it will then swing front to back instead of side to side. This feature in my eyes is genius. It means that whichever way your baby like to swing they will love the Serina 2in1. Harleigh really likes swinging from side to side but my friends baby loves front to back. They can both enjoy the swing. There are also six different speed settings which is great. Harleigh likes to be on 4 right now but when she was a newborn we used to put it on the first one. The controls are really simple and easy to use.

Another great feature is the 2in1 aspect. The swing is actually a swing and a rocker. You simply click the button and off the seat comes. This makes is super easy to take baby into a different room with you but still keep then comfy and calm in there seat. It also means that if they are sleeping you don't have to wake them, you simply take them into another room with you.

There are also 3 position settings for the seat making it extra comfy for baby and means that when they are that little bit older they can look around a little easier. Two soothing vibrations and 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds also help comfort baby. Harleigh prefers the higher vibration setting and the bird sounds. To use the vibration setting the rocker part does need batteries but the swing itself can be used with a plug or batteries. We use the plug and its so nice to just plug it in and have it ready, I imagine that running out of batteries would be a nightmare.

The swing itself isn't overly big, there are much bigger ones out there. It is a decent size though with plenty of room for baby to grow and will hold a baby up to 13kgs but I find it quite heavy. There are two wheels on the back to help you wheel it around if needed which is super handy. We went for quite a neutral print and I love the look of the swing and think it looks lovely in our living room. The swing doesn't fold up so if you need to take it down you have to take it apart.

There is also a nightlight setting with four brightness settings. We don't really use this now as Harleigh only uses the swing when its light but when she was younger it was a nice option during the evening when the bigger children went to bed.

The seat itself is very padded and looks very comfy. Harleigh always seems comfortable. There is a removable body support which is washable. A must have with a newborn. Its great to be able to remove and wash. There is also a 5-point harness to keep baby nice and secure. It has a soft cover over it to give baby that little extra comfort.

The overhead toy bar is the only thing that I don't love. I wish the toys were a little more interesting rather than just soft toys. I find that Harleigh gets a little bored looking at them but the good thing is that there is room to add extra toys on if you want.

Overall we love the Serina 2in1 swing. I honestly wouldn't want to use another swing now.

Do you think a swing is an essential baby item?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the product for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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