Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Siblings - February 2017

Another month with the three monsters! I'm never a fan of February and it seems the kids aren't either. They've had a pretty rough month, we all have. Rubbish weather, sickness and just general grumpiness. People waking at night, injections and not wanting to go to school.

One amazing thing this month is that they've grown even closer and interact so much more together. Its the most amazing thing to watch. Harleigh is all smiles for both Paige and Parker and loves to just stare at them and watch them. She is so close to giggling and they love trying to make her. They are still the best big brother and sister. I am so proud of them both. I can't wait to watch them grow up together.

Some last minute pictures saved me again, I'm rubbish at getting pictures of them all together. I usually get them in pairs but never all three! I must try harder but I have found myself reaching for my big camera when I do take pictures of them so that's lovely.

Our three little monsters, terrors and perfection all at the same time.

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project

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  1. These are lovely and it sounds like they are really close despite the rubbish weather and bugs that February brings. Here's to spring!


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