Friday, 10 February 2017

Tonsillitis, Injections and Almost 3 Months Old

You may have realised that I've been a little quiet this week. We've had a bit of a rough week. 
First off I got tonsillitis. I am currently on antibiotics and feel a little bit better so that is something. The day I got my antibiotics Harleigh was due to have her 12 week injections. After her 8 week ones she slept a lot. She had a horrible temperature for about 36 hours and had to have four doses of calpol, thanks to the men b injection. Apparently a fever is very common after that one. Safe to say I'm dreading the 16 week ones when she has it again. But her 12 week ones went really well. She cried for about 20 seconds and was then fine. We had a little walk back home and she fell asleep in her pram. She hasn't had a temperature this time and is doing well.
I've written off this week as a sick week. I haven't done much apart from rest and look after the kiddos. My antibiotics are making me a little nauseous (just what I need after suffering with HG for 9 months), they are also making me a bit sleepy which isn't much fun with three kids. That along with Harleigh not sleeping too great (thanks leap) and it's safe to say I'm exhausted but we are getting there. 
I am very much looking forward to the weekend. To rest, friends and family time. 
Next week Harleigh will turn 3 months old. I'm not ready at all! She is growing up far too quickly. Be on the lookout for her 3 months update, my postpartum update and a couple of reviews. 
Nicola Xx


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