Friday, 17 March 2017

4 Months Postpartum - Baby #3

Four months since having Harleigh and I'm feeling pretty good. Tired but her sleep is very up and down and has been for a month. I'm hoping it improves again soon as she was doing so well. 

I stopped working out because I was just running myself into the ground trying to workout every day plus keep everything else running smoothly while still getting up a lot during the night. I really miss working out and hope I can start again soon. I had some great results. 

I'm still about 6lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and my waist is 1.5inches bigger still but I fit into all my pre pregnancy clothes. I am finding it so hard to lose the weight this time, just like I did with Paige. It's so strange as with Parker it fell off. I remember with Paige I didn't fit into pre pregnancy clothes until 5/6 months postpartum so I'm already doing better as this time it was 3 months. I'm quite happy with where my body is to say I'm not working out and I'm not exactly eating clean. One thing I have noticed is my cravings for bad thing is going away as I am eating better. I eat well 70/80% of the time but let myself have a treat whenever I fancy it because life is too short. 

My skin is a bit up and down but my nails are stronger again. My hair is also still falling out. I'm pretty much back to normal but would like to lose another 2lbs and tone up.

How did you feel at 4 months postpartum?

Nicola Xx

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