Tuesday, 7 March 2017

February Fitness Update

Time for Februarys fitness update.

This month I was poorly, twice. The first time with tonsillitis and the second with a viral infection, both two weeks apart. This meant that I didn't do any exercise for half of the month.

I recently started the 30 day shred so I will have an update on that next month when I've completed it. I'm 9 days in so far and have already seen great results. I've only lost 1lb in February but that's ok. I actually only want to lose another 2/3lb so I'm not far off my target now.

January - February

So how did I do?

I've lost 0.5 inch from my waist, an inch around each thigh and an inch from around my belly. I think that's pretty good considering I haven't workout out for half the month but I do feel so much stronger. At the beginning of the month I also went for my first run and loved it. As I was poorly I haven't gone on the second yet but hope to in March.

I'm now fitting in all my pre pregnancy jeans and recently treated myself to some new clothes. I failed so badly at my water intake goal so I will try again. I've done well with my steps this month and managed 9/10/11k each day so I hope that continues.

My goals for March are
* To finish the 30 day shred
* Drink more water
* To try not to focus on the number on the scale

Nicola Xx


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