Thursday, 30 March 2017

Five Tips To Help You Save Money

I am always looking for ways that we could potentially save money. To be completely honest we've never been good at saving money but we are planning on buying a bigger car in the next few months so we've really had to be careful and try save as much as we can. 

  1. Meal planning. If you don't meal plan you should. We've saved so much money each week. Each Thursday I sit down and think about the week ahead. We look through the cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what meals we already have (or parts of meals) and use that as a starting point. We then make a list of 7 meals and each item we need to buy to make those meals goes on the shopping list. When doing the food shop we only buy these items plus other essential items including nappies, wipes, cleaning supplies etc, which i keep track of throughout the week. We also started shopping at Aldi our food bill reduced even more. You can get some great items for much cheaper. We love the lasagne!
  2. Switch energy supplies. We recently switched and saved over £100. It really is amazing how much you can save with the click of a button or a few phone calls. It isn't as hard as people think and you can save a lot. 
  3. Clear the clutter. Putting items you no longer need on eBay or Shpock frees up space and makes you a little money in the process. I've recently sold some brand new bottles as I completely forgot we bought them and we didn't need them anymore. 
  4. Look for voucher codes. Voucher codes and coupons can help you save so money. is a great website to use to find discount codes. Using codes on things that you would need to buy anyway can save you money, also buying things in bulk that wont spoil is another good tip!
  5. Walk more. We got super last and started jumping in the car to go get a pint of milk or a loaf of bread. When we walk it may take us 10 extra minutes but you save so much petrol.

Do you have any top money saving tips?

Nicola Xx

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