Friday, 24 March 2017

Harleigh - 4 Months Old

It still seems crazy that Harleigh is 4 months old, wasn't she just born?! She now weighs 14lb 5oz and is wearing size 3 nappies and 3-6m clothes. Its so crazy how small she is because at the same age both Paige and Parker were 18lbs!

They had also both rolled over by this point. Parker from his front to back and Paige from her back to front. So far Harleigh hasn't done either, she does try to roll over from her back to front but loves laying on her side too much so gives up. I don't like to compare them too much but its so fascinating just how different they are.

She loves grabbing toys and hitting them when she is on her playmat. She also love playing peek-a-boo and giggles, it is the cutest thing. At this age Parker hadn't giggled.

Another thing that is interesting... sleep! She is right in the middle of them both. Paige was waking once at 4 months and Parker 3/4 times. Harleigh usually wakes 2/3 times a night. She was doing a solid 10 hours which was amazing but that quickly stopped. I think we hit the 4 month sleep regression a little early as napping became a problem too. She is slowly getting better so i hope her sleep improves soon. She is also still in our bedroom with us. Both Paige and Parker were already in their own room by now and i'm wondering if Harls would sleep better in her cot as she would have more room. We are on holiday next week so we may try her in her cot when we come back.

At 16 weeks Harls had her last set of injection until she 12/13 months. Just like the first set she got a fever but it calmed down after about 36 hours.

I think that is everything for 4 months. She is doing so well and it still amazes me how she has fit in so well.

Nicola Xx


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