Monday, 20 March 2017

Speech Therapy Update

As some of may remember at the end of last year I took Paige to have an assessment for her speech. After the assessment they said that Paige had 6/7 issues with her speech and she was then referred for group sessions. 

We had to wait a few months but at the beginning of march she started those sessions. She did 45 minutes every Thursday. 

The sessions went really well. There were 4 other children in the group and Paige was the only girl. They were all aged 4 but some had just turned 4 and others close to turning 5. Since the first assessment we've noticed just how much Paige's speech has come on by itself, mainly because of school and her learning phonics but there is still room for improvement. 

I was very curious as to what the group sessions would involved. Basically they just played games which all related to different sounds. They concentrated on the "c" "f" "g" "s" "t" sounds. The games were really fun and involved flash cards and toys to keep the children interested. 

Paige was really quite shy at first but began to warm up as time went on. 

We are now on a waiting list for some one on one sessions. The speech therapist said that she thinks Paige will only need a few one on one sessions and will then be where she should be at for her age. 

I am so proud of how well she is coming on.

Has your child ever had speech therapy?

Nicola Xx


  1. Aww! Well done your girl.
    Both my girls had speech therapy for a few months...It did my two great.

  2. Awww good for her. M is currently in speech therapy and what was only going to be a few sessions has become a "This is probably going to take much longer than I thought lol" Glad Paige is doing so well.

  3. We have had speech and language therapy since age 1 due to my sons disability but is now signed off for the time being in hope he will continue to progress as needed thought I think it's likely he will have more in the future for help with sounds xxx


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