Monday, 10 April 2017

0-3 Month Essential Baby Items

Harleigh is now 4 months old and I wanted to do a little post of some of our essential items for the 0-3m newborn time. They change so much that some things we used during the first three months we no longer use now in the fourth month.

First up is the aden by aden + anais muslin squares from the Disney collection which are available at Amazon UK and Babies R Us. You get a set of 5 really cute 100% cotton muslin squares which measure 60x60cm. Our set are Minnie Mouse themed and are so cute! I love the design. They are very girly but not too in your face. We used them for everything, when feeding, as light blankets, for burping and to wipe away dribble. Once one id dirty we simply pop it in the wash and grab another. I also always keep one in my changing bag for if I happen to forget to add one, I always like to have one or two with me. The great thing about them is that every time they are washed they get softer and softer. Harleigh loves them!

Next up is the Wonders Above play mat from MyBToys. This play mat is the softest, thickest mat I have ever felt. It feels such great quality and is the perfect place to place baby down. It does come with five little toys that hang from the mat which baby can look at and then as they get older they can play with. There is also room to add additional toys on. I love the colours of this mat, it is quite gender neutral but not the boring beige that a lot of neutral items are. 

Another essential item for us was a swaddle. Both Paige and Parker loved to be swaddled so I assumed that Harleigh would too but she never really took to it. We were sent the wonderful Cocooi swaddle from Merino Kids. The swaddle is made from 100% merino wool which makes it super breathable and helps to regulate baby's body temperature. The swaddle is super soft and just gorgeous. It also comes with a cute little hat which we found to be a little big and only just fits Harleigh now at 4 months old. I know that if we'd of had this swaddle with either Paige or Parker they would of adored it!

Our next essential is a wrap. Having three children I need my hands free. There is nothing better than newborn snuggles but sometimes you just need your hands free. A wrap allowed me to have the best of both worlds. We used the Yogabellies wrap and love it. The wrap is really stretchy and soft. Harleigh loved to be snuggled down close to me. It would instantly settle her and 99% of the time would send her straight to sleep. It is available from AmazonUK and comes in a range of colours. It is made from 100% cotton and can hold babies from 5.5lbs to 35lbs. Its really easy to put on and really comfortable to wear. I love wearing her close to me.

What essentials do you love for 0-3 months?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - Some of the items above were sent to me for review but all views and opinions are my own*


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