Monday, 17 April 2017

Date Nights

After you have children it's even more important to make sure you set aside some time spend with your partner. Having children can sometimes strain a relationship, it can be hard work. You become so wrapped up in the children and day to day life that sometimes you can lose each other in the process.

Mark and I try to have date nights at least every other week, although this is easier said than done! We can't afford to go out each week but after the children are in bed we usually cook a nice meal, sit down and watch a film. Mark keeps trying to tell me that getting a Panasonic 4K TV would improve our date nights, whereas I just wish he'd buy the nice popcorn!

We don't even have to watch a film, sometimes sitting down and just talking to each other without any distractions is nice. We can catch up on each others day and just keep connected. We play games and have both just learnt how to solve a rubik's cube, kind of nerdy but learning something new together was actually really nice. 

We rarely get moments during the day where we get time together, maybe the occasional lunch date when the kids are with Grandad on a Saturday.  So for us evenings are best as the children are in bed. We make sure that the children and are all in bed for between 6:30-7:30pm each night. A lot of people think that it's really early but for us that time is important and without a happy mummy and daddy the kids would be effected. 

Do you have regular date nights?

Nicola Xx

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