Thursday, 20 April 2017

Harleigh - 5 Months Old

How is my little baby getting so big?! She is growing up far too quickly. I'm not sure on weight but she is still in 3-6m clothes and size 3 nappies.

At 18 weeks so rolled over from belly to back. She tries so hard to go back to belly but just hasn't managed yet. She loves sleeping on her side so when she can roll to her belly i think she might start sleeping on her belly. She is now in her own room for naps and at night time. She has three naps a day for between 1-3 hours. We gave her a dummy and it helped with nap time so much. She used to rely on us to rock her to sleep but now settled herself sometimes with her dummy and sometimes without. Her night time sleep isn't too good. She is usually up twice a night but most times its three, the worst night was seven!

She is really loving toys. She got a jumperoo this month and loves it. She is also grabbing everything and never  misses anymore. This also includes hair, i forgot how much babies love to grab hair! 

She is learning to sit and can do 10-15 seconds on her own. She does get distracted by her feet though and loses balance. She is obsessed with feet. At 3 months it was hands and now we are onto feet.

Harleigh also loves Millie. She will follow her around the room and even stroke her, Millie just stands there and lets her. It is so cute. 

She is such a happy, smiley baby. We are so blessed. If we could nail night time sleeping she would be perfect, haha. 

She is starting to teeth quite badly, we've had red cheeks, loads of dribbling, chewing n everything in sight but no teeth as of yet. Parker got his at 5.5 months and Paige was a lot later so i'm interested to see when Harleigh gets hers. 

I'm just not ready to see her grow up. Next month she will be half a year old, then will be crawling and walking. Why can't they stay little forever?

Nicola Xx


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