Thursday, 6 April 2017

Melobaby Melotote and Nappy Wallet Review

For me a changing bag is a must have item of baby kit. If you use a standard changing bag or a regular handbag you need something to carry around your things when out and about. Babies come with a lot of things!

The Melobaby Melotote is a changing bag that i'd never heard of before. It has some great features that I love. 
It has:
* an adjustable strap
* It can hang from any stroller
*two inbuilt insulated pockets
* one large pocket 
* side pockets
* outer zip pockets

It also comes with a washable soft fleece changing mat and a bottle holder. I love that you can adjust the strap, perfect for me as i'm quite petite. I also like that it comes with the stroller straps, sometimes you have to purchase them additionally which is a pain. 

The bag itself is a great size, I have plenty of room but I wish it was arranged a little differently. I wish there were only one insulated pocket, I can fit two bottles in there so don't really need the second pocket. Plus there is the added bottle holder so if I did need to bring another bottle I could use that. I tend to store muslin cloths and bibs in the other pocket. The large pocket inside is great for the changing mat but I wish there was another on the other side. In my eyes there can never be too many pockets. The ones on the outside of the bag are nice but the side pockets never get used as they are just a little too small. 

The changing mat is very soft and feels wonderful. It is washable but I prefer having a wipe clean mat, it's just easier and quicker for me. 

There is also plastic pouch which is included. I love this to store an extra set or two of clothes. You can then pop the dirty clothes back into the pouch and the rest of the bag doesn't get dirty.

To go along with the Melotote you can purchase the nappy wallet

This also has some lovely features:
* quick, easy to use
* holds up to 4 nappies and a change of clothes
* folds out to a soft fleece mat

The nappy wallet is great if you are just popping out somewhere for an hour or so. You can bring some nappies, wipes and change of clothes. There are also little pockets to pop creams. 

The mat attaches with magnets so it can be removed as washed like the one that comes with the changing mat. The magnets mean that you can extend the mat so it will last right up until your baby is potty trained but again I wish you could wipe it down.

I don't tend to find myself reaching for the wallet when I use the bag as I find that inside a bag it can be quite bulky once you have nappies and clothes inside. 

I have both the Melotote and nappy wallet in the love black and white print and love the design. It's really fun but not in your face.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was the above items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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