Monday, 22 May 2017

Britax Affinity 2 Review

Having a pushchair when you have a baby is an essential piece of equipment. There are so many options out there sometimes the choice is a little overwhelming. When Harleigh was born we were sent the Britax Affinity 2. I was very excited to test it out and it gets a lot of use on the school and nursery run multiple times a day.

As you can imagine over the years I've used a lot of pushchairs. Some I've liked and some I haven't liked. The Britax Affinity 2 is up there with some of my favourites.

When Harleigh was first born we used the frame and the carrycot. The carrycot is a must have in my opinion for a newborn and I had loads of comments from people saying how nice it was to see a newborn in a proper carrycot. The carrycot is designed to be used from newborn, it is wonderfully padded and provides great protection and comfort for your precious newborn. Harleigh really loved it when she was tiny and I felt like it was really safe for her. It also come with a strap to keep baby still while inside.

The hood can also be adjusted using a simple button on the side. The carrycot is a good size, big enough to have a 4/5/6 month old in but after around 5 months I found that Harleigh just didn't want to be laid down flat.

That is where the seat unit comes in. It is really easy to switch between the two, simply push buttons at the side and the carrycot comes off and the seat unit clicks on. The seat unit is for 6 months plus, although we did move Harleigh a little earlier. Her head control was really great. The seat is fully reversible and also reclines. I love having the option of world or parent facing. Harleigh is still only 6 months old so I much prefer having her parent facing still but once she is older I will move her to world facing.

The straps and harness are adjustable and really easy to use. Harleigh loves sitting up more and looking around. To adjust the seat position is really easy too, again just a simple pull from the back of the seat and it lays down, perfect for naps when out and about.

 The hood on the seat unit is one of my favourite features. Its a really nice size and has a ventilation window and has UPF 50+ sun protection. Some hoods can be too small but this one is perfect.

The foot rest is also adjustable with the click of a button and will be great once Harleigh is a toddler and a little bigger.

The frame is also really easy to use. It has a simple but effective break with green and red to help you remember which side is which. The break location is nice too and doesn't get in the way while pushing. The basket is an ok size but is slightly open on one side which can cause things to fall out if they aren't in properly. The handle can be adjusted too which is great for me as i'm quite petite.

The wheels are quick release which for us has worked out well. We have a smaller car so getting the pushchair in the boot with the wheels on is hard work so popping them off is so much easier. It does fold down well and is a lot better than some other pushchairs I've tried, it also has a handy lock while folded. The ability to take the back wheels off is great and gives you that flexibility if you do have a smaller car. The front wheels can be swivel or can be locked which is great for grass. The pushchair doesn't really well in all conditions, I've even used it in snow without an issue.

We really love this pushchair and can't recommend it enough. I love the carrycot and seat unit and both work really well for the purpose they are needed for. We picked the black chassis and the cosmos black colour pack which I think looks really simple and classic. 

This is the first Britax pushchair we've tried and wont be the last, we love it!!

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the above item for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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