Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Harleigh - 6 Months Old

Half a year old! That is so crazy. It only feels like she was born a month ago. Third time around goes so fast, too fast. Far too fast!

At 6 months old Harleigh is doing well. Not a great deal has changed in the past month though. She is still having three naps a day and is very up and down with how long they are, typically they last anywhere from 40 minutes to 2-3 hours. At night time she isn't having bottle anymore but still uses her dummy. She has slept 11 straight hours twice this month which was amazing but usually she is up 2/3 times although the worst this month was eight. 

She is still drinking 6oz of milk every 3-4 hours during the day and has just started having food. We are only two days into food but she is doing great so far. We are mostly doing baby led weaning but with some puree thrown in. We are taking it really slow and have a really relaxed attitude, after the other two we know that they all get there in their own time.

She is still sitting on her own and sometimes is really good but half the time she gets distracted by her feet, this girl loves her feet. She will suck her toes and play with her feet for ages.

She still loves her toys and jumperoo. She like tummy time still but get annoyed that she can't crawl. She brings her knees up and tries but has no idea what to do. She still hasn't rolled anymore and barely even tries anymore. She really isn't fussed with rolling, Paige was never a roller either. She loves standing though and much prefers that to even sitting.

She still hasn't got any teeth and I am loving the gummy smiles. She does still seem to be teething but not too badly right now. I wonder if we will get teeth soon.

Nicola Xx


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