Monday, 29 May 2017

When Pets Make Too Much Mess

Having three children means mess, so much mess! 

Having three children and a pet means even more mess. 

Millie was our first little baby and we got her just a few short months after we started trying to conceive. She is now 6 years old and is such a little terror but we wouldn't change her for the world, well maybe I'd make her a lap cat!

Just like children, pets cause mess too, so that means I really need a hoover that can deal with both the children and Millie. This is where the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, my saviour, comes in. The Pet Hair Eraser has an amazing tangle free brush roll which makes it ideal for pet hair. Millie loves to sit on the sofa, she sleeps on it pretty much all of the time, but that means a lot of cat hairs on all of the cushions. The Pet Hair Eraser has specialised Pet tools to help you clean up. The pet turbo eraser tool is perfect to get rid of embedded pet hair from stairs or sofas, I even use it to give the bottom of the duvet a quick once over if Millie has been sleeping upstairs. Millie also has a climbing tree and I love using the turbo tool on that too. 

She is an indoor cat so that means she has a litter tray. Although it is a hooded one she somehow still manages to get litter all over the surrounding floor. It gets very annoying and is not very hygienic. To be honest it's a constant worry of mine with little ones running around and picking things up all of the time. The pet hair Eraser is great at clearing it all up and gets it done really quickly. Where Millie's litter tray is we have laminate flooring. The Pet Hair Eraser is a multi surface cleaner so switching from carpet to laminate flooring isn't a problem. I like to use the crevice tool to clean up food and litter, it has a handy led light so I see right into the corners.

It's nice to be able to quickly bring out the vacuum cleaner and know that I can clear away pretty much any mess that the kids or Millie make. It won't be long before Harleigh is crawling and we all know how babies like to put everything in their mouth.

How do you deal with children or pet mess?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent the above item for the purpose of this post but all views and opinions are my own*

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