Friday, 30 June 2017

Me and Mine - June

Yet another month has flown by in the blink of an eye, I think they go faster and faster each time. 

June was a big month for us. Parker turned 3 and was also potty trained! He is such a big boy now and this month has just shown that even more. Harleigh is also continuing to grow up more and more each month. She got her first two teeth this month! Paige is starting to prepare for year one at school and is a little scared if I'm honest but I know she will be fine. She is already doing year one work and is excelling at school.

I love this months picture, we are all looking!!!! This was taken just after Parkers party, everyone had gone home and we quickly snapped this right before we headed out for a walk and some chips for tea.

I am very excited for July. Hopefully some trips to the seaside and visit family, mine and marks 10th anniversary and lots of lovely family days plus the summer holidays.

Nicola Xx 

The Me and Mine Project

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mummy and Me - June 2017

June has come and gone quicker than May. Time is just flying by. 

We've had a lovely month. We've celebrated Parker turning three and leaving nappies behind, Harleigh getting her first two teeth and Paige blossoming at school. 

I just can't believe how big my babies are getting. When they have a birthday it really hits home just how big they are. I love to look back on baby pictures when it comes to one of the children's birthdays, i love reading their birth stories again and just reliving their first moments. Its crazy to think that the next birthday in our house will be Harleigh's. 

This months pictures were very last minute on the sofa. I love how i'm out of focus in the first because thats how it is in life. I'd do anything for these three children (and Mark) and they come first. 

My babies all just look SO big! 5 years old, 7 months old and 3 years old.

Nicola Xx

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Monday, 26 June 2017

3rd Birthday Pictures - Parker

I love to take pictures of the kids whenever they let me. As Parker turned three last week it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take some pictures of him. They turned out so cute. I love them!

He just looks so big and so grown up!

Nicola Xx

Friday, 23 June 2017

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Almost Three

Tomorrow you turn three. THREE! Three seems like such a big number, I've just got used to you being two. You do seem so much older than three though, you've always seemed older than you are.

You are the sweetest boy ever. You can be such a mummy's boy and love cuddles and kisses. But you are also stubborn and have a mind of your own. You can still be hard work but we wouldn't change you. 

You talk so well and don't shut up. You love drawing and writing and you are getting really good, well above your age. 

You're one of the youngest in your class at nursery but take charge during group activities. You have so many friends and adore going. 

You are very clever and it takes a lot for you to not get bored, when you do get bored we really know it! 

You love Paige and Harleigh so much. You are so sweet and caring towards them both. You love playing with them and just adore them. They couldn't ask for a better brother and we couldn't ask for a better son.

We love you Chops.

Mummy Xx

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Harleigh - 7 Months Old

This past month has flown by even more so than the one before. I can't believe that Harleigh is already 7 months old.

The biggest change this month is that Harleigh now has TEETH! She got her first at 6.5 months and her second cut just as she turned 7 months old. She looks so strange and I already miss her gummy little smile, we won't see it ever again. 

She is doing really well with her eating. She is having two meals a day. We are doing a mixture of baby led weaning and puree, Harleigh much prefers baby led weaning but also does so well with puree if they are slightly thicker. I am making my own puree and so far Harleigh's favourite is sweet potatoes. For baby led weaning she also loves bagels and strawberries. She is still having 4-5 bottles a day and will sip water with her food.

She is sitting up really well and hardly ever falls over now. She still doesn't love rolling but she can. She manages to spin around in her cot and on the floor. She has started showing an interested in crawling and will push her legs, she is still really far away though and I am loving having a baby for much longer than Paige and Parker, they both crawled at 6 and 7 months. I'm hoping if she crawls it will be closer to 8/9 months. Paige also pulled up and cruised when she just turned 7 months too. 

She is the most amazingly happy baby and we love her so much!

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Siblings - June 2017

These months just keep flying by. I was hoping that by June we would of had some more lovely days out in the sunshine but we've had a lot of wind and a lot of rain. I am really hoping that summer arrives soon.

The children really enjoyed half term together and just love playing. Harleigh is sitting up really well now so Paige and Parker are really enjoying sitting with her and playing with her toys, it's so cute! I love seeing how much more they interact with each other as Harleigh grows.

I can't wait for us all to celebrate Parkers 3rd birthday later this month. The kids get so excited for each others birthdays. We aren't planning much, just a little family party but it will be so much fun.

I love the pictures this month. They were just sat together in their pjs. Nothing fancy or special but I love how they are interacting together.

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Skip Hop Multi Level Uplift Bouncer Review

Interacting with your baby is so important and vital for their development and your bond together. The Skip Hop Multi Level Uplift Bouncer makes that all important interact so much easier. The bouncer was designed to naturally integrate baby into the family and create those wonderful uplifting moments. 

It can be a traditional floor bouncer and it can be elevated to many different heights. I love having Harleigh at sofa level and letting her interact with us at that height, the maximum height is up to 34 inches off the floor. I also love to take the bouncer into the kitchen with me while I cook, Harleigh loves to sit and watch me. To adjust the height is really easy, simply turn the dial and the bouncer moves up and down. It locks into place once your desired height is chosen. 

The bouncer itself is really lovely, and super comfortable. It is a really good size and is suitable until baby is 25lbs. Harleigh is now almost 7 months old and she is still really comfortable in the chair. I love the colour of the bouncer, it is a gorgeous grey and is very neutral so will look perfect in every home. The base is wide and steady and with the harness you can be sure that your baby is very safe.

The bouncer also includes a toy bar which can be tucked away or detached when not in use. Harleigh didn't really enjoy the toy bar when she was younger but as she has grown she now loves to stare at the mirror and try grab the toy. There are also two songs and two sound effects along with a soothing vibration. The vibration and bird sounds actually help Harleigh to fall asleep. 

While baby is small the 100% cotton jersey insert is perfect to help cushion them. It is really easy to remove and is washable. Babies make a lot of mess so having a cushion that is washable is essential. I have had to wash the cushion a couple of times and to be honest I haven't had the best luck. The cushion has ripped twice while in the wash, even though it is safe to wash. Skip Hop are looking into the cushion to see what has happened and how they can improve the cushion. Harleigh doesn't use the cushion now and hasn't for a while now so the cushion is no longer an issue.

My favourite thing about the bouncer is the fact that it can be adjusted. It makes it so handy and useful. You can use it everywhere! It isn't too heavy so can easily be taken upstairs too. 

Would you use a multi level bouncer?

Nicola Xx  

*Disclaimer - I was sent the above item for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Hello June - Weaning, Potty Training and Stomach Bugs

How are we in June already? This year really is flying by at such a speed its scary!

I wanted to write a little update and just catch up. Blogging has slowed down the past week or two mostly due to half term and then me getting ill, nothing too major just a stomach bug but it really has taken it out of me. Harleigh has started solid food and Parker has started potty training. Things are changing so quickly. My babies are growing up!

They are both doing great so far and I am so proud of them. 

I've even used our Babycook to cook up some homemade puree for Harleigh. She does prefer baby led weaning over puree so we are mostly going down the baby led weaning path but with some puree thrown in for good measure. I will be doing a full review of the Babycook when I've used it a little more so look out for that. 

Parker is three this month and will be starting school nursery in September and for that he does need to be potty trained. We tried him in April and he just wasn't ready but I think he might be getting it now. Paige wasn't potty trained until a month after her third birthday so we aren't pushing Parker but we are supporting him as much as we can. I truly believe that if you rush potty training it can do more harm than good so we are taking it slow and letting Parker take the lead. 

We need to get busy planning Parkers birthday and hopefully some fun things in summer!

Nicola Xx

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