Thursday, 22 June 2017

Almost Three

Tomorrow you turn three. THREE! Three seems like such a big number, I've just got used to you being two. You do seem so much older than three though, you've always seemed older than you are.

You are the sweetest boy ever. You can be such a mummy's boy and love cuddles and kisses. But you are also stubborn and have a mind of your own. You can still be hard work but we wouldn't change you. 

You talk so well and don't shut up. You love drawing and writing and you are getting really good, well above your age. 

You're one of the youngest in your class at nursery but take charge during group activities. You have so many friends and adore going. 

You are very clever and it takes a lot for you to not get bored, when you do get bored we really know it! 

You love Paige and Harleigh so much. You are so sweet and caring towards them both. You love playing with them and just adore them. They couldn't ask for a better brother and we couldn't ask for a better son.

We love you Chops.

Mummy Xx


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