Monday, 31 July 2017

Me and Mine - July 2017

What a month?! 

Parker got chicken pox this month which made for a very boring, very dull month! Just what we were hoping for, not! The girls also have it now too so thats our summer sorted :(

School finished this month for Paige ready for summer, Parker finishes in August. So far we spent the beginning of the holidays contagious. We did have some lovely lazy family days at home but we want to get out and about as much as possible in August. Please let that happen!

This months pictures were taken right at the beginning of the month, before chicken pox hit. We had a lovely sunday in the park on mine and Marks 10th anniversary. I can't believe we've spent 10 whole years together and made 3 wonderful babies.

Nicola Xx
The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. Oh these are lovely and sounds like you have such a history and amazing bond/relationship with the man of your life and making gorgeous babies at that. Bittersweet story. #meandmineproject


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