Thursday, 13 July 2017

Stay And Play

We recently had a stay and play session at Parkers new nursery. It was just an hour session and I stayed with him. I left Harleigh at home with my best friend while she napped. 

He absolutely loved his stay and play session. He didn't want to leave. He loved playing with all the toys and meeting his new classmates. He met his new teachers and we know them from when Paige went so that is so lovely that we already have a relationship with them. They were wonderful with Paige and I know that Parker will be in good hands. 

We weren't sure if we should move him from his current nursery or not. He does love it there and his teachers are amazing. He could stay there until school next year, he would of just needed to move up a class. We decided that moving him this year instead of next would be better for school. We are really hoping he gets into Paiges school next year, we can even apply in September! Him going to the nursery school means that just like Paige he can get used to the school and the surroundings which I think is the best thing.

In a way he seems so much older than Paige did at this age. He talks so much and is so clever. He will love learning more at nursery.

Next up we have a home visit in September and then another stay and play, more with me and then he starts on his own!

I am so excited for him. When he does start he will be going every morning for 3 hours.

Nicola Xx


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