Thursday, 31 August 2017

Me and Mine - August 2017

I say this every month but I can't believe that August is almost over, the summer holidays are almost at an end. 

We've had a very up and down August. It started with the girls having chicken pox after catching it from Parker, I'm glad it out of the way but a month spent inside with three contagious children was rough!

The weather wasn't great either but I feel like we made the most of it when it was nice. We've had a good few family days out which included to seaside, visiting friends and going to see family.

These pictures were from our most recent day out. We had such a wonderful day as a family. The sun the shining, we ate a picnic, walked miles and the kids had so much fun. They are just selfies and some aren't great but I love them all the same. 

September will bring Paige starting year one, Parker starting a new nursery and going 5 mornings a week. There will be a new routine for us all and hopefully lots more fun.

Nicola Xx
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A Moment For Jars

Harleigh was recently sent a lovely package from Hipp Organics. They have just released some new savoury jars and we couldn't wait to try them out. There are a mixture of flavours for stage two and stage three weaning. These are 7 and 10 months plus.

There are some great features of the new jars.

· They have a wider opening to make feeding easier. The jar itself is also 100% recyclable.
· The new HiPP Organic savoury jars have no hidden fruit, making them perfect for every stage of weaning
· The HiPP Organic jars are made with the finest organic ingredients that are gently steam cooked to maintain all the goodness & flavour
· For more information on the new recipes and products from HiPP Organic and for the best weaning advice, head to HiPP UK.

So what did Harleigh think. I first started her off with the stage 2 jars which are from 7 months. Harleigh has just turned 9 months old so is right between the two stages. We do a mixture of puree and baby led so she is usually fine with textures and eating lumps.

The two stage two jars we tried were Mashed potato with beef and green vegetables with cous cous & turkey. She loved both of them! They were lumpy but not to much, she didn't have any problems eating them at all and was always waiting, mouth open ready for more. Slightly thicker than smooth puree with just enough texture to help them learn how to chew and eat.

Next we went on to try the stage 3 jars. These have a lot more texture than the stage 2 jars and I was interested to see how Harleigh would do given that we do baby led weaning as well as puree.

Potatoes, tomatoes with chicken - Harleigh loved it all! Was amazing with the texture and ate everything.

Wholemeal spaghetti with vegetables - Liked the spaghetti, kept spitting the carrots out which surprised me. She usually loves carrots. It seems a lot more lumpy than the potatoes, tomatoes and chicken.

Cheesy spinach tagliatelle - This one was a little funny. The first half Harleigh gobbled up and couldn't get enough then something changed and she hated it. She constantly spat it out and wouldn't entertain it at all. I'm not really sure what it was but she wasn't a fan.

Risotto with turkey & vegetables - This was another one of Harleighs favourites. It had quite a bit of texture and I thought that Harleigh might spit the carrots out like she did with the other but she loved it!

Pasta bake with fish - Another success and again a lot of texture. Harleigh ate it all and was even waiting open mouthed for more when it had all gone. She pulled a face on the first bite but that was soon forgotten. 

I'm so proud of how well she did with the stage 3 food as it is from 10 months and she is only 9 months but I hoped that with us doing some baby led weaning it would help and I think it did.

Once your baby has finished the food in the jars don't throw them away, they can be used for lots of different things. I washed our jars out and gave them to Paige and Parker to paint. They loved painting them and then once they were dry I added washi tape and ribbon I used them to store my make up brushes. I think it looks really cute.

We have really loved trying out Hipp jars and can't wait to get some more. Harleigh really loved them and I loved knowing that she was getting yummy meals that were quick and easy for me to get ready. Perfect to have on hand just in case something comes up.

Have you tried Hipp jars before? If you fancy trying them out and I have a printable voucher for you to use HERE.

Nicola Xx

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

9 Months Postpartum after Baby #3

Harleigh is now 9 months old which means i'm now 9 months postpartum. I've officially been not pregnant for longer than I was pregnant. 

I do miss pregnancy but it never agrees with me, especially not this time. I am so thankful that I don't have HG now and I'm not sure if I could ever do another HG pregnancy. 9 months old feeling and being sick is rough, especially when you have other children to look after, a house to look after and school runs to do.

I am back to normal now. I weigh slightly more now than pre pregnancy, around 3/4lbs more but to be honest I don't mind. I was a little too small before. Im around 8 stone now. My measurements aren't the same but I fit into my old clothes perfectly fine. I have about half an inch to an inch to lose everywhere to be the same measurements as before. I want to tone up and that will help with my measurements but i'm too tired to even care right now. Me and my friend did join a fitness class once a week and that is super fun.

I'm pretty happy with where my body is at. I haven't been eating well or exercising so I cant complain. Harleighs sleep is very up and down so in all honestly I don't have time to work out as much as I would need to tone up and lose that extra little bit but in time that will change.

My belly button won't ever be the same again and I have stretchmarks but my body grew and birthed three children and for that I don't think it looks all that bad.

How did you feel at 9 months postpartum? 

Nicola Xx

Monday, 28 August 2017

Summer Holidays 2017 - Weeks 3&4

Another two weeks have flown by. We still haven't really done much. We've had a little bit more sunshine so have enjoyed hours and hours in the garden.

We also had a lovely trip to the seaside with daddy one Sunday which was lovely and had a lovely meal out.

Its nice having them both at home. They are having so much fun playing together, making stories up together and just enjoying each other. Paige loves spending extra time with Harleigh and I think Harleigh loves it too.


Nicola Xx

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Mummy and Me - August 2017

What a month?! I feel like a lot has happened in the past month. 

The girls did get chicken and we were contagious for another two weeks. That's a whole month of being stuck inside. To say it was crap really is an understatement. Paige was ok with it, a little more difficult than Parker but only for a day or two. Harleigh, the poor thing, got it the worst out of them all. She had so many spots and still now has so many marks where they all were, I'm really hoping they don't scar. I don't think she itched them and she always wore mittens for bedtime and nap time but it's a waiting game I guess. 

Harleigh also turned 9 months old and started crawling and clapping. I'm still waiting for her first words but I'm hoping it will be mama. She tends to say mmmmmmummmmmm when she's upset so mama isn't too far away. 

This months pictures are from a recent trip to see family down south. I had wanted to get pictures of us at Blackpool the other weekend but thanks to the airshow we forgot all about taking them! As you can see Parker was thrilled to be having his picture taken!

I have loved having all three of my babies at home. We've had so much fun. We've done so much playing and watching films. We went to the seaside and saw far away friends. 

I'm a little sad that school starts again in just under a week for a Paige but I think we will all be ready for the routine that school brings. 

Nicola Xx

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My Sunday Photo - 27/08/2017


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

9 Month Pictures - Harleigh

Now our little Harl Butt is 9 months old I wanted to take some pictures to capture her at this age, chicken pox and all!

We love her so much.

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Review - Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Scrapyard Escape Set

Parker loves to play with all kinds of toys, he will play with dolls, teddies, cars, books but some of his favourites are trains.We were recently sent the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Scrapyard Escape Set to review which is inspired by the new film Thomas & Friends Journey Beyond Sodor which is in cinemas from Friday 25th August, you can buy tickets HERE. It will also be available on DVD on the 16th October. The film sees new faces help Thomas on his action-packed journey, as he travels away from Sodor and across to the mainland. One of the places he visits is the Steelworks and with the Thomas & Friends track set your little one can join in the fun!

Setting up the track was fairly easy and didn't take too long. Thomas does need batteries so make sure you have some to hand. The instructions were clear and the track is even labelled to make it super easy, I only found this out half way through though. Included in the set is a motorised Steelworks Thomas Engine, which Parker loves. He does keep saying he's dirty though and wants to wash him, Thomas has some plants and dirt on him. There is also a cargo car, two cargo pieces and a full track with a really cool cable bridge crossing.

Thomas drives around the track and transports cogs. The cable bridge drops down and once Thomas enters the shack a cog drops down into Thomas' cargo car. Thomas then drives round and as Thomas passes the cargo holder, the arm grabs the cog and drops it in the holder. The track is very simple and can be attached to other TrackMaster sets and expansion sets to create bigger tracks which is a great idea.

I love the cable bridge idea and I think it adds a different element of fun, Parker has quite a few train tracks and this is the first time we've seen this idea.

He does love to turn the motor off at times and push Thomas around the track. He keeps saying that Thomas is taking the cogs home and then he needs a bath!

The set is for ages 3 years and up. Parker is 3 and really loves playing with it. We've even had some other toys/characters riding in Thomas' cargo car and joining in the fun.

A great track set for train and Thomas fans. Paige also really enjoys playing with the set and loves running around putting the cogs back in place, it is quite satisfying watching it all work.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the above item for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Monday, 21 August 2017

Harleigh - 9 Months Old

I honestly can't believe that Harleigh is 9 months old. She has been on the outside for as long as she was growing inside me. In a way it feels like she was always here, she has fitted into our family so wonderfully but on the other hand I feel like she was only just born. 

The past month she has gotten so strong. She started crawling backwards and the day before she turned 9 months she finally crawled forwards. She still isn't very fast and still has to work at it but it is so cute. She has also learnt to give kisses which is the cutest thing. She will also wave but isn't very consistent yet. 

Still no new teeth although she has started teething again so maybe we will see another two pop up this month. Weaning is still going really well and she loves everything! She is still having two meals a day and 4 bottles but over this next month I think we will introduce another meal.

She isn't pulling up or cruising yet but will stand and hold on. I must admit that i am loving that she is taking her time. Both Paige and Parker were in such a hurry to grow up and Paige even took her first steps at 9 months old. Parker was standing and balancing unaided too.

We are still yet to hear mama/dada. She gets very close to saying mama when she cries, like shes calling out for me but hasn't said it properly yet.

Sleep was very up and down, In fact it was rubbish. She would wake up multiple times a nights and most times be up for 2 hours. She is settling down again now and also having two naps a day.

She also got chicken pox in the last month and had quite a rough time. She is feeling much better now though.

She is just such a happy, cheeky little baby and we love her so much. Only three more months until she is one!

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Summer Holidays 2017 - Weeks 1&2

Before the summer began I wanted to do a little post each week about the fun things we had gotten up to. The week before the holidays started Parker got chicken pox so for the first two weeks of the holidays the girls then had chicken pox. Needless to say this has meant that we haven't really done anything.

It kind of worked out well though. The weather was rubbish so because we were house bound we spent our time snuggling, watching films and just enjoying lazy days.

There was one day when the girls weren't contagious and we managed to go get Paiges hair cut. She had an amazing 8.5 inches cut off. That was something on our summer bucket list that we managed to get ticked off very quickly.

Parker has now finished nursery so I will have all three babies at home with me for the rest of the school holidays which I am so excited for.

We also managed to get most of Paige's new uniform for year 1 as well which is great to already have that all done and dusted!

Have you had a good start to the holidays?

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Siblings - August 2017

Since last month we have started the summer holidays, Parker got chicken pox and then the girls after two weeks which meant we were contagious for about a month. Luckily the weather was awful so we enjoyed some lazy days, films and snuggles. 

They are all now getting better and we've managed a day out at Blackpool and the weather was amazing!! I had hoped to take some lovely pictures on the beach but it was closed due to the air show, which was actually really cool. 

The kids this months have loved all been together and playing. Harleigh is loving having her big brother and big sister at home. She loves playing with them and watching them. She is so close to crawling and they are loving helping her. 

My pictures this month are just of them all in normal everyday life, capturing their relationships and how they interact with each other and I love them. They are getting harder and harder to capture pictures of them, Harleigh wants to crawl away, Parker doesn't want to entertain pictures at all and Paige is loving pulling silly faces! 

We have a few weeks left of the holidays and I'm hoping for more days out, picnics and visiting family. Come on sunshine! 

Nicola Xx 
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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Last Day of Nursery

Parker has now finished nursery. His last day was on Tuesday and I still can't believe it. I felt more emotional than I did when Paige finished. We love Parker's nursery and so does he. He really bonded with staff and made some lovely friends who he adores. Paige never really settled too well in her nursery so we didn't find it hard to leave.
First vs Last Day

He never once cried and has happily waved me off at the window surrounded by his friends each and every time I've taken him. He is one of the youngest but we are told he is very much one the leaders. When he walks into the room all the other children shout "PARKER" and run over to him. It is so lovely to see. He helps the other children to count and regularly takes charge and speaks up in group activities. I think having two siblings helps with that and helps his confidence, especially having two sisters!

I know he will miss it greatly but he is really excited for pre school and so am I. He will be going 5 morning a week instead of 3 mornings and he really does need it. He is very bright and loves learning and doing things so pre school will keep him busy and get him ready for school next year. It's crazy to think that this time next year we will be getting him ready for school. His pre school is at Paige's school, the same one she went to, but he doesn't have to wear a uniform or anything.

He is growing up so quickly. I think because he speaks so well and is quite clever we often do think of him as more of a similar age to Paige when in reality he is 2 years younger than her.

We are so proud of him and so excited for him to start his journey on the road to school!

How did you feel when your little one left nursery?

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Linens Limited Review

Improving and decorating our house is something that i'm currently really trying to focus on. It does feel like our home but because we rent I never really added any little touches to make it feel much more personalised. I'm not really sure what changed but now I really want to add bits and pieces to help it feel more like ours.

I wanted to start with upstairs just because I felt like it will be cheaper and easier than downstairs, we have a horrible carpet in the front room that will need replacing! When Linens Limited reached out I couldn't wait to pick out a few things to help us along the way.

 The bathroom seemed a good place to start. For the bathroom we had horrible blue accessorises, I'm talking about a bright blue shower curtain and blue fish toilet seat! It wasn't the most attractive thing. The first thing I picked out was the lovely plain cream shower curtain. A complete bargain at £4.95. It brightens up the bathroom so much and doesn't leave a horrible blue shadow over the whole room. It was very easy to switch over from the old one and is lovely quality and a fantastic price. We have since then got a new white toilet seat and some white storage. I am still working on finding some prints for the wall but once I've finished I will give you a little tour.

Next up was the main bedroom. We really need a new mattress but they are quite expensive and to be honest we can't afford right now so I thought the Limited Linens Memory Foam Mattress Topper would be ideal. Once it arrived I unpacked it and laid it out on the bed to flatten and plump up. Once it had I simply popped it on top of the old mattress, placed a sheet on top and we were ready to go. The topper is the most comfortable thing I've ever laid on. I was a little unsure of how I would like it and just how comfortable it would be but it is amazing and really worth the money if you need a new mattress but can't quite afford, this topper is a lovely middle ground. It is 2 inches thick, hypoallergenic and really does support your body whilst you slept. We have found that after a few nights sleep the mattress tends to move around a little off to one side, maybe the addition of straps to secure it to the mattress would be a nice improvement. 

I thought some new bedding would add something to the bedroom. Our previous bedding was black and grey and to be honest very dull. I wanted to freshen the whole room and adding some new bedding does exactly that. I choose the Limited Linens 100% Egyptian Cotton fitted sheet and the simple Limited Linens Linear Pleated Duvet cover set. Both are soft and feel lovely against your skin. They wash really well and fit perfectly.

I'm wanting to get some new decorative pillows and sort out my desk and then once I do I will share a little bedroom tour too. 

How did you feel decorating if you live in a rented house?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - The above items were sent to me for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*
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